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    Default First visit to CSS

    Hello! My husband & I are vacationing at CSS for the first time to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversay on Dec. 1st. We couldn't be more excited! How is the weather that time of year. We live in AZ & are used to warm weather and hope it will be warm. Also, any tips for us newbies?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Weather in Negril is always fantastic - low 80's with the usual partly cloudy sky's so I imagine it's very similar on the CSS side of the island.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    We were there last year from Dec 6-13. The weather was great, I beleive in the 80's. But then we're from Wisconsin, and anything above freezing at that time of the year is good to us. We only had rain one day, in the morning for a couple of hours, and we lucked out because it was the day we headed to Dunns, and were going to get wet anyway, so who cared. Otherwise, we didn't even really have any clouds.

    We will be returning the same time this year - December 5-12. Will you still be there? If so we'll see you then.

    If you haven't yet, post your picture on the "December picture" thread.

    And congrats on 30 years.

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    We'll be there on Dec. 1st and have to leave the 8th so we'll probably see you there! I'll try and post a picture on the December picture thread. Thanks for the congrats on 30 years. I feel like this is going to be our "real" honeymoon. We married young (19 & 21) so we didn't have much of a honeymoon the first time.

    80's would be a great temperature. It is just beginning to cool down here in AZ now. We've had over 100 days with temps over 100 degrees. 80's sounds wonderful!!

    Hope to see you in Jamaica!

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    thalia, I know what you mean by marrying young. My Hubby and I got married right out of high school. Actually, he had quit school at 16, and I had graduated just 3 weeks prior to our wedding. We were both just 18. We were married 35 years this past June. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, and then other times it seem like 100 years. We never got a honeymoon until 2005 when we took our first cruise. So, enjoy, you deserve it.

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