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Thread: Wifi at CSA?

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    Default Wifi at CSA?

    Is wifi available in the rooms at CSA? As much as I am looking forward to the escape from all of that we have 2 kids back home that we will need to keep in touch with. We both have an iPód touch that we can get wifi on or we can bring our laptop if needed.

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    The wifi at SweptAway is resort wide... that said, its not a great signal, but it does work! I just got an iPod last x'mas so I'm kind of interested to see how it will work when we go in October.

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    Wifi is available all over the resort, or at least it is supposed to be. We had it in our room last summer and while the signal was not the best, it was pretty reliable. Ask for a password at check in. They will give you password and instructions, very simple, that will be good for your entire stay.

    You may have to move around your room a bit to find the best spot for signal strength, but it should work fine.

    If you want an alternative communication method, try purchasing a "JusTalk" card in the gift shop. Prepaid phone cards that are easy to use and very reasonable for calling back home. We have used them on all our previous trips to CSA.
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    wifi is available all over the resort. the is a very nice computer lounge available as well. just ask for the wifi password when you check in.

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    Hi, we just got back from CSA last week. We also have small children and skyped them on our trip. The Wifi worked great from our location, we were in an ocean verandah room and never had a problem with it. They give you a password when you get there and that's it, it was great!


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    It can be a little sketchy depending on room location I hear but we had a BFVS and had great service both on the verandah and in the room. We had trouble getting on at first for some reason, took a day or so, but once we were on it was actually pretty fast. I put pics on facebook for our friends and family to see and even chatted a couple times with people who happened to be on while I was adding the pics. Worked great. One thing to note is that the password they give you at check-in has a limited time...I think it was 5 days. I just walked to the front office and asked for a new one when that one expired but if I'd been thinking when we checked in I would have asked if I could have one for longer...don't know if they can do it or not but I would have asked. If you are staying longer than 5 days it's worth asking just to save yourself the walk.

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    I am wondering the same thing....

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    Yes, there is Wifi in the rooms. Used it last time with no issues at all.

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    Works great all over the resort. I used skype to chat with the kids last year.

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    We were last there in Oct and it was not working properly due to the storms. It was only accessible in certain areas and only some of the time. The previous April it was great though. I assume it has been fixed by now but I can't say for sure. They were working on fixing it while we were there but were having trouble getting parts and configuring it.

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    Yes - just specify that you want access upon checkin.

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    Great news! I'm glad to gear it is fast enough for Skype!

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    We just returned from CSA and WIFI is available in the rooms and on the beach. I have an iTouch- it worked excellent! Upon checkin, make sure and check off "need WIFI in room" on your form (there's a spot for it), and make sure they provide you with the current password before you leave the front desk area.

    We did experience a change in password halfway through the week so it does change frequently.

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    We were there at the beginning of the month. We both have iPhones and set them to Airplane mode and then enabled wifi.
    We also both secured a Google Voice account, that allowed us to send text messages for FREE!
    We were in a Garden veranda Room. The wifi worked perfectly throughout the resort.

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    Has anyone been successful using Facetime from the resort?

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    Just got back from CSA. We had WiFi but the reception was pretty spotty at times. However, they do have the internet cafe in the Great House, open 24 hours, with several computers set up -- those are very fast. Like others have suggested, put your iPod or whatever device on airplane mode and connect to the wifi. Request a password when you check in.

    We mainly used a Textfree app on our iPod to stay in touch with the kids while we were at CSA, since our iPod does not have a camera. Since the Wifi is a little hit and miss, I don't know how well a program like Skype or Facetime would work. But we were able to use Textfree and Facebook, even though we sometimes had to wait for our Wifi.

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    For those of you that used wifii on an iPad or iPhone, were you able to connect to Hulu, Netflix or HBO Go? I'm new to the IPad. If we're using our wifii there's no charges, right? Even though we're out of the country?
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    I have never been, but I had a friend that went to CTI for New Years and she was able to FaceTime me from the beach. It was spotty and difficult to hear each other, but it worked. I don't know if the spottiness was because she was outside the building or maybe CTI's WIFI isn't that good. She wasn't very far from the buildings though when she was talking to me.

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