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    Is the pub crawl one of the included excursions at CSA?

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    No, it'll cost you 20 for a tip for Lenbert the driver plus you drink and food money if you want to eat.

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    No, it s is NOT included.

    Call Lenbert for a reservation at 876-874-6631 or email him at Most people tip him US$10 per person. Well worth it. It's a great way to see some of the West End/Cliffs area of Negril.
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    Last time we were at CSA we planned to do the tour. Signed up in advance through Lenbert's email. When the bus arrived... it was full. I thought those people were on an earlier tour and were getting off, but they weren't. They were from another resort. They managed to cram another dozen or more people onto the bus -- standing of course. It was a rainy day and I was nervous about riding in an overcrowded bus so we declined. Some people we know who went enjoyed it but said that it was definitely not comfortable to travel that packed in. I wish they would set a limit and have a more enjoyable experience available. We might just find another couple and get a cab driver to take us around next time.

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    We did this last time we were at CSA. We had a blast.
    Although if we had the experience lvmcgill had, I'm not so sure we would have gotten on the bus either.
    I have to ride trains like that daily and I hate being crammed in with so many people.

    Having said that, it was really hot the day we went and I ended up drinking mostly water.And still had a great time. I even learned how to play dominoes from a lovely English lady and her husband.

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    I agree lvmcgill, ours was wayyy overcrowded and very uncomfortable. We won't go again either.

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