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    Default 2013 Early Escape

    I would really like to take advantage! Been to CN in 2001, 2003, 2006. Need to come back now that there are no kids at home!
    If I book this early, how do you go about booking airfare? I always used a travel agent and never booked this far in advance.
    Thanks for any tips!
    ~Nanc of Larnan

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    To practice, pick imaginary depart/return dates that are about 5 months out from now. Then go to the website of the airline you would expect to travel on. Enter the airport you will depart from, the airport you will travel to, dates of travel, number of passengers, and you will be able to view the flights availble and prices.

    Each airline can be booked through their own website, or you can search the on-line travel sites (search "cheap flights") to compare what is available from multiple airlines.

    Book the Early Escapes now, and then start watching the flight prices 6-8 months in advance of your trip. There is often a window of time when the prices drop from high to lower, and then back to high if you wait too long. I have found the best prices are usually 3-4 months in advance, but may be further in advance with some airlines. Good luck.

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