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    180 more days for us

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    Default jealous you have less time than will be there for our wedding anniversary, please have cocktail for us when you get there!! 45 more days for us!!(dancing around the room!!)

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    We'll have 2 cocktails for you...any preference which type?

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    PLEASE!!!! We have 7 MONTHS before we get back to CN!!!!!

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    I feel your pain............we have 58......hours to wait yet before we head to CN!! I know that was mean, but I started the countdown on April
    1. So I really do feel your pain!

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    Default I can't stand it

    65 days for us! It's nice to know that other sun-deprived,vacation-starved,crazy people are also counting days! It's our third trip to Negril, first to Couples. Can't wait!!

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    Default We are dying too!!

    I am not only counting down the days till CSS, but also until my husband returns from Afghanistan.

    About 47 days till he returns, and 98 days till we leave for CSS.
    We are arriving Dec 24th and leaving on New Year's no play like Jamaica for the holidays.

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    I too, have a double countdown going. My husband has been working in Russia for 2 1/2 months and will be home in 4 days!!!! In 30 days we will be lying on the beautiful beach at Couples Negril!!! Yay for sun, sand and love.

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    Connell0618 - My husband is in Afghanistan also - we have 60 days before we meet in Jamaica - we are actually meeting at the airport in Atlanta so we can fly together from Atlanta to Jamaica. 13 days of total relaxation Jamaican style

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    28 days for us!

    4 Weeks - Woohoo!


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    Just got back from there last week.

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    Down to 39 more days!!! (not that I am counting down or anything)I need my CN fix. Me, do you have a wonderful time? Terri have a couple of Hummingbirds for us on the 18th, please??

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    Default Can Stand it either!

    59 days till and counting!!!!!! CSS Nov 21-28th...
    1st timers to Couples!!

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    We just booked a multi-stop. We've got 62 days to CN and 73 days to CTI. Our 1st Jamaica trip ... Excited but nervous...

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    Don't be nervous, you will have a wonderful, wonderful time you should be excited!! 37 more days for us, I can hardly contain myself! I want to tell everyone!

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    Jamaica_Junkie (Karen, right?),
    I will happily have a couple of hummingbirds for you on the 18th! I added a countdown clock to my desktop at work, I thought it would make it better, but it's making it worse....
    22 days, 19 hours, 19 minutes and 24 seconds, 23 seconds, 22 seconds ;-)

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    I think it's easier to count down in weeks rather than days... 26 weeks to go!

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    only 12 / 204 days left for us. nothing better when returning to already have the next trip booked.


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    Terri...thanks for having anniversary drinks for us!! Waiting patiently for Nov.1st...I don't think soo!

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    Hey Terri!! Getting closer for you! All packed and ready to go? I ran home from work the other day to grab something and found my husband packing already! Told him we have another 30 days to go, he didn't care, he said he is ready to go now!!

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    We'll just miss you and Sue in Jamaica. We return on the 18th to the rat race.

    TW is suppose to be booking his trip at CN for the same week as us.

    Do I dare send him breakfast again?

    187 days to go.

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    50 days, 18 hrs, 12 mins, 22 secs unitl we take off...

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    LOL, packing already?? That would make it unbearable for me! 2 more weeks for us...2 weeks from right now we'll be having our second drinks...and don't worry, I'll make sure to have that hummingbird for you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamaica_Junkie View Post
    I have to wait 61 more days to CN!! Want to be there NOW!!!
    Yea I feel the same way too, or maybe worse. Imagine coming there next year for a weddingmoon. *Ahhhh* I can't take it either. All the hype about the "Swept Away" resort on this site is making me sooo impatient. I wish next year was here already!!!

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    Default envious you are leaving in 10 days I am down to 24 days, I am starting to get antsy, I am so bad when it gets closer for me!! I can't stand being at work, and am constantly on this MB.


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