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    Default please help me!

    Horse back riding?
    Has anyone done the Hooves Horse back riding while down in Ocho Rios? I've seen one on Tripadvisor but wasn't sure if its good or not? Or how much that typically costs.

    If anyone has been let me know...thanks a bunch!!!

    40 days till we arrive at CSS!

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    I do know that it used to be an included activity which was dropped by the resort due to safety concerns. You may wish to ask the resort directly for an update, since that was many years ago.

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    We did the Hooves horseback riding while visiting there 9 years ago and regret not having done it again on other visits (tried other things). The one we did was from the plantation house to the ocean, with a ride in the ocean and back to the starting place. We enjoyed it with the guides being very good and the option to not have to wear a bicycle helmet (with signing of a waiver not holding Hooves responsible for injury) being a plus. It cost about $90/person and was well worth it!! We'll be adding this to our "to do" list on our next visit!

    By the way, Driverlady, the Hooves Horseback riding excursion has not been an included activity from CSS as long as we've been going. There was another horseback riding excursion from CTI that was dropped for safety reasons.

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