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    We are arriving April 7 through the 14th. The weather forecast is predicting rain/thunderstorms for most of my stay. I understand the rain most likely will not last the entire day, but what does one do at Couples Negril when there is inclement weather?

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    The weather will be beautiful. Don't worry. Plus, there are plenty of things to do. You will have a blast!

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    I am there during the same days. There will not be any rain when I go, so you're good to go. :-)


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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    When we were there last April, it would rained for about 1/2 hour maybe 1 or 2 days. We went in the hot tub, stayed in the pool, went for lunch, or got a drink. It never lasted long. Don't worry - you'll find something to do and if not, just grab another drink.

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    VickyinWis... ChrisinWis here... (Kaukauna)

    It will probably rain. But the sun WILL shine... don't sweat it. Use and rainy time to your advantage... a nap, a snack, listen to some music, whatever. Sun soon come.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Rain doesn't stop the fun .... People will still be in the hot tubs & at the pool bar .... There will be games under the roof at the beach bar/grill with the entertainment staff ..... It's always a good time for a nap or some "private time" with your SO also ..... .

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    We were there once with a lot of rain. We didn't miss a beat. We met a bunch of new people while sitting around the grill bar, played hilarious games with the staff, joined the rum tasting class, played bingo and won a bottle of rum, got in the pool in the rain, ate great food, watched a funny movie on a big screen and all of this was in an open air covered area so we were still outside.

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    Ditto what everyone says. I was there in April a few years ago, and the forecast said rain EVERY day, including on my wedding day. And, it did in fact rain every day, but never lasted more than an hour, and it was actually kind of fun hanging out in the jacuzzi holding pool floaties over our heads, taking turns on getting refills!

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    We just returned from our trip from Negril on Monday and let me tell you, I was so stressed out about the wheather because the forcast predicted thunderstorms every single day for a week! We got there and it sprinkled one day for about 10 mins. The server we had (the amazing Damion) said you shouldn't of worried so much mon, it doesn't rain in Jamaica! Don't worry about the rain too much because it might not even happen!

    Emily (first timer)
    Couples Swept Away 2012

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    After talking further about the rain we decided it didnt matter. We have fun where ever we go! Sitting in Dallas airport waiting to board our connecting flight to MB. All is good!

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    Hi, we just came back from CN and we had rain or what I would call a sprinkle (usually not enough to cover the sidewalk). For the most part during our trip, it rained usually late afternoon around naptime anyway. The rain lasted less than 10 minutes. Sit at the bar and have a cold red stripe and love every minute of your trip to Couples.

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