Slowly coming out of depression after returning from 11 nights at CN...slowly! Good thing is we are booked for our third trip next year, moved to April after 2 years in March.
On other guests...I give a lot of credit to Jamaican Junkie, Dave and Leatha. Being able to see photoes of folks and communicating prior to our visit really added to the immediate fun this year. I really encourage others to get on your months message board and communicate ahead of your visit. Goodness, the folks we immediately met added so much to the fun. We spent all our beach time on the AN and so did many of the other folks on the board. If you have interest in the AN, try it and you will find the folks incredibly welcoming, down to earth and least when my coozie stuck to my butt cheek for everyone but me to see it was fun...(Claude, thanks for not throwing us off the beach that one time, Nell probably helped us?)

Staff/hosts...especially appreciate Yannich at the AN bar. What a tremendous asset to Couples. He was constantly delivering, taking orders or bringing cold wash clothes or fruit snacks to the folks on the beach. Truly, he really made the days even more relaxing than we expected. Otis at the pool bar was great too...those blue things are tastie and dangerous! And, Vernica took care of our room. What a wonderful person with a smile that could light a dark room, we were exceedingly pleased with everything about our room in building 6. We did the couple deep tissue massage..oh please experience that everyone! We did the Hobie Cates, and I really don't do water, but it was a blast except when Chris took us out too far and we got introuble, ha ha. RAISES FOR EVERYONE

Food...Oh my, can't say enough. You know the seafood will be great, but the pork and beef were terrific, the salads, the breads and desserts were to die for. We ate everywhere! The grill may have been just a bit impersonal compared to everywhere else, but only noticable because the others were so good. Service was fine, atmosphere fun and we were certainly in no hurry and just loved the dining experiences. AGAIN, RAISES FOR EVERYONE

Finally, we are making the greatest friends that we will continue to stay in contact with, visit like Tim and Tamara, plan next year with like Chris and Angie, and will look forward to staying in contact with like Dave and Leatha and so many more. We have gotten a number of emails already from TX and Alabama from folks we met. What a great time!, Oh, 11 nights isn't enough!

I guess the count down begins again...