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    Default Rick's or Sunset Bar?

    We just got back from our 4th stay at CN (3/10 - 3/17) and already planning for next year! We're thinking about taking a trip over to Rick's but then I see some people say how nice the trip over to Rockhouse is.

    Has anyone done both? Is it basically the same thing? Shuttle over to a bar, watch the sunset then head back? We don't really like crowds so I'm thinking Rockhouse might be more our speed.

    Just looking to see what people thought..

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    If you don't like the crowds then cross off Rick's. The party atmosphere and the cliff diving bring in the people. I believe Rick's is the only place left for legal cliff diving so everyone who wants to try it or see it goes there.

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    If you don't like crowds, the Sunset Bar Shuttle to Pushcart at Rockhouse is the way to go. It's less than a mile up the road from Rick's, with awesome sunsets, but no cliff diving. They're ackee patties are to die for!

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    IMO the main reason to go to Rick's is to see the Cliff Divers (which put those at Rockhouse/Pirate's Cove) to shame. Or to dive off the cliffs yourself (various levels are available) It is a one time must do in our opinion. The sunsets from there are beautiful with the Lighthouse off in the distance. We went to see the divers, watched the sunset, saw a bit of the band and headed back to CN to the drinks we had already paid for......why pay for more?

    It has been some years since we have been there, but Rick's used to offer a one way shuttle, cab fare can be pricey.

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    Never been to Rockhouse but have read good things about it and it's on our to-do list. Rick's can be very crowded you are correct.

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    We stay at CSA and always go to the Sands. For 3 years in a row we have been the only ones on the shuttle.
    There are no crowds, maybe a few people on a tour from the S resorts.

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