Hello fellow forumees,

I have done a good bit of research and am fairly certain of the differences between the 3. We will be travelling the 2nd week of November so I would guess that none of the resorts would be at full capacity?

I like CSS because it appears to be in a tropical jungle!! Lots of nooks and crannies to seek out and it is also a smaller resort. Don't like that the beach does not look to be the greatest, but we do a beach trip (this year to Isla Mujeres) every July and if we booked CSS it would be with the knowledge that the beach isn't the best. We like the fact that this would be a smaller more intimate resort (150 rooms).

CN-like that the beach area is quieter, but not sure how often we would be interacting with vendors. I always enjoy speaking with the locals no matter where we travel and have learned how to speak Spanish from our travels in Mexico--taught to me mostly by locals!! But I do not want to constantly be approached by vendors every time I am in the ocean or heading to teh ocean.

CSA-like that this beach is voted one of the top 5 in the world! But am not sure if we would be sacrificing the peaceful, quiet beach time that we enjoy. We most likely would not be venturing to other places on the beach for drinks, lunch etc. since that would be included at the resort itself.

General questions:

Shade--My wife and I are fair-complected and generally seek out shade when we are not swimming in the oceans/ pools. Will this be hard to find if we also include pulling our loungers under a tree if palapas aren't available? Wouldn't the issue of "no palapas" be a non-issue since we would be travelling during low season (mid November) ?

Bugs--I read that especially when one is in the shade of the trees, the sand fleas are terrible--is this true? If we use a high deet bug spray will that eliminate the issue?

Thanks in advance everyone!