If you stop and think about all the different things, events, life, and how there is so much back where each of us live, it almost consumes us as we try to contain and attain it,there seems to be so much negativity with all kinds of things, people, government, business, and a planet filled with all the answers to all the questions we could ever imagine if we could all, somehow, become the way we all are at Couples.

Think about it for a minute.

When any of us are all gathered together at our favorite Couples resort of choice, there is no sign of "negativity", of any kind.

All the fragile humans who, "back home", must contend with an enormous amount of just plain ca-ca !!, Just about every day and from just about everyone. Every one of us is so much different back home, clawing our way through one lousy day after another. The pressures have become so much more difficult to deal with. Rude people. Loud people. Mean people. People world wide that are just being asked to carry so much "stuff" around with us every day, just to make sure we keep the fires of progress burning. And as a result of that, humans have become burdened with more than we should have to have on our plate. And as hard as we try to keep pace with it all, it's leaving more and more humans tired, angry, frightened, confused, and isolated from life and from each other. Everyone knows that there are any number of "attitudes" back home, where we all live. And those "attitudes" are more and more difficult to handle. The price of gas is, well, I think we all know about the price of gas.
There are a lot of tired, unhappy, frustrated, etc., that do not behave back home, the way we all behave when we are at Couples in Jamaica.
Twenty something years ago, what I knew about this incredible country we all call our "second home", wouldn't even amount to a grain of sand on the beach. Didn't know what was here.
Now, just about twenty years has gone by since we first set foot on the soil of this tiny nation. Since then, our lives flourished, and our feelings and our own "attitudes" about, pretty much everything had a major overhaul.

For so many couples, on this wonderfully shared electronic connection, our mirror to the world, coming to Couples has made a difference in their lives as well. Just for the number of people that discovered "jerk" and "reggae" and place to laugh and play, greet and meet, look each other in the eye, every day we are there, almost all day. That doesn't take place back on that other planet that we all inhabit. There's just so much going on. I know. No really, I do know what just about every person has to contend with in their lives, in order to have a life.

Then we come to Couples. We look around as though we had never seen anything like where we were standing at the moment. And we hadn't. Maybe some ad in a magazine for "Some tropical place that you will never be able to go there, but it looks awesome anyway.

And then, all of a sudden, you are standing in the lobby for the very first time, trying to take everything in as fast as your system would allow for. Colors, warmth, happiness, exhilaration, absolutely "far out dude".

I think that the simple point I started out to comment on, seems to have gotten the best of me.
But we were smitten, and thrilled and blown away, once the bus rounded the circle and stopped under the portico at COR. We were both in our 50's.
Now, just about twenty years has gone by and 35 trips to the island I never knew about, suddenly became the most important island in our lives. Probably one of the biggest contributing factors to our surviving a 45 year married relationship.

So if we can all just remember how wonderful we feel when we are "there", bring home as much of those vibes as you can. Treasure them. Nurture them. And maybe our day to day back here can be made a lot more "livable". And we can believe the message, "every little ting, gonna be alright".

one love