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    Default English soccer games on TV at CSA?

    Hi would anyone know if you can get English soccer games at CSA? My beloved Liverpool are in a semi-final while I am at CSA in April.

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    Yes! I believe we watched a ManU game with some Brits. They were very excited and "bought rounds for everyone" which make us laugh. We enjoy soccer (go Sounders FC) so had fun joining in their excitement.

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    Fantastic news. We too are Liverpool fans, so see you there and save us a two seats...oh where will it be screened? It will be our first time to CSA so we dont know the layout!

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    Go to the fitness center side of the resort and relax with a cold drink while watching the game. You'll need to ask the attendant to turn to the soccer match. You might want to get there a little early so you get first dibs on the TV.

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    You have made my holiday with this news. I would have spent the first 10 days searching for a place to watch it . Dingdong the first rounds on me. I won’t be hard to find I live in y football shirts for the holiday

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    Pugdog11 you are my Hero.. i will drink to your health

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