I know every vacation I go on, there is always something I learn about/discover at the end of the trip that I love and wish I would have known about sooner. CSA was no different.

AT CSA.. it was the Martini Bar. I knew it was there because I had done tons of research before hand, but I just didn't know how great it would be. We finally toward the last day of our trip went to the Martini Bar and realized what we'd been missing. The staff/bartenders were great. They made us laugh a lot, and we had great conversation - Not to mention the Chocolate Martini, with all that whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, was AMAZING!! I just thought this was a really great place to be in the evening! I wish we would have gone earlier in our trip! But we will for sure next time!

I didn't discover it at the end of our trip - thank goodness, but THE PALMS BREAKFAST!! I had been drooling over the idea of the banana stuffed french toast for weeks and weeks before we went. I never gave a second thought to the Palms breakfast buffet. Our first morning - we went to Patios for the french toast. It was fantastic. I was so happy to have finally had it. But the next morning we decided to go to the buffet at the Palms for breakfast. It was amazing - we spent the next 7 mornings eating breakfast at the Palms with a beautiful beach view! The omelet station was awesome! I had a lot of fun customizing omelets every morning, always trying something different! I am glad we tried this at the beginning of our trip - it's one of the things we are really looking forward to for our next trip this June.

What awesome thing do you wish you would have known about sooner?