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    Does cti have a catamaran cruise? Loved it at CN

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    Yes, they do, but it's not at all like the one at CN and CSA. It is a small boat that you sit on top of. It goes straight out into the ocean and does not follow the coast like at CN. Itís both exciting and scary and for us, not at all enjoyable. In fact, itís so choppy that someone usually gets sick.
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    Yes, they have it currently, but Randymon announced today that it is being discontinued as of Aug 20212

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    Unfortunately it is being discontinued. See this post of Randy's.
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    Yes, and it's better than the ones at CSA or CN, in our opinion. It's fun with the adventure of going out into the ocean with a stop in a cove to jump off and swim (similar to CSA or CN). It was much more lively.

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