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    Default CN 1st visit - Mon.-Fri. vs. Tues.-Sat?

    Hi all,

    We are debating a M-Fri trip vs a Tu-Sat trip. Regardless of which days we choose, will arrive in Montego Bay around 8:30a from JFK and our departure flight to JFL will leave Montego @ 5:50p. While we know our departure day will probably not consist of much R&R time by the pool etc, as we will have to get on the shuttle back (which runs on a schedule of twice a day I assume), we are hoping that we will arrive early enough to make a beach day out of day 1. So the question is for all the CN Vets out there -- would you rather be on the property M-F or T-Sa. I know the Beach Party, which I don't want to miss, is on Thursday night, but am wondering if there are any other must-do nights on the property or off during the week. We would love to go to Alfred's or another local reggae bar etc, or we'd love to watch some karaoke or go to an 80s dance party....anything goes! The point is which nights are best for what reasons and would you choose M-F or T-S?? We are booking tomorrow so hopefully can make the right decision before then! Thank you all!!!!!

    PS I've been reading this board nonstop for weeks now, and I have to say that I am truly impressed with all of your love and devotion to all the Couples resorts. Your knowledge of and passion for the topic is inspiring!!!!!

    Many thanks,

    Natalie in NYC

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    Hi Natalie,

    I would do the Tues-Sat schedule, for the simple fact that Friday night is lobster night at all of the restaurants. (Actually, I would do the... well... the Mon-Sun schedule! hee hee)

    Enjoy CN.

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    Default Mon-Fri or Tue-Sat

    I have mixed feelings....Friday is usually lobster night so you would miss that if you went Mon-Fri but the airport is more crowded on Saturday so that could be a factor....although a 5:50pm flight should be after the crush.....I'm leaning to Tue-Sat.....all things considered
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    Would do Tuesday thru Sat.Beach party Thursday and Lobster night Friday.

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    Not sure what days are best, either way you miss something. But the good bye bus runs as needed. They make you leave about 4 hours before flight.

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    Bit the bullet -- we are booked M-F! Can't wait for this trip!

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    Friday night is lobster night!

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    The airport will be most crowded on Saturday, so I would opt for M-F.

    There isn't a shuttle that runs twice a day. Couples contracts with a transportation company that will have a driver available whenever needed; you could be in a car, a van, or a small bus.

    We also fly out of and into JFK. If you want to make the most of your first and final days, then plan to fly from MoBay to Negril on your first day and back again at your vacation's conclusion. We fly on TimAir, but International Airlink is also an option. Last year, we were at CN early enough to have breakfast on our day of arrival.

    In departing, the goal is to have you at the airport two hours in advance of your flight, and the flight from Negril to MoBay is less than 15 minutes in length. If you fly, you'll will be able to stay at the resort until around 3 o'clock.
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    For us, 5 nights would never be enough! But, that being said, if we only had that much time I'd say go Tues to Sat. because Friday night is lobster night! However, depending on when you are going, keep in mind there is no lobster thru April to June. DH loves seafood of any sort but lobster is the bomb for him and of course, I like to keep my hubby happy.

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    Thanks everyone!!! I think that replies must only get approved ever so often, because I didn't see any of your posts while at work today! We are booked M-Fri -- I'm hoping that we will avoid some airport traffic this way, and get to enjoy the wknd as a vacation from our vacation before heading back to work on Monday.

    I too am a HUGE lobster fan, but had read that it would not be in season during our trip in May.Otherwise, Friday night lobster night would have been a swaying factor for sure! Would be thrilled to see lobster on any menu, but hopefully this way we won't be disappointed if it's not...

    Pamela -- thanks for the detailed inside info! What do you think of the Carribean Airlines flight? We always fly Jetblue but the 5:50a flight times were just too good to pass up, despite the fact we may not have as much legroom or pleather seats! Very happy to hear that the transfer service runs throughout the day. Didn't consider flying in/out of Negril but the rates for International Airlink seem super reasonable. What are the rates like for TimAir?I'm thinking that at the least we will fly back to Montego Bay on our way home -- staying at the resort until 3p would be wonderful!

    Thanks again, everyone!

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    We are doing Sunday thru Friday. We will miss the Friday beach party at CSA, but we got the flight times we wanted and coming back on Friday, gives me a 3 day weekend home to recoup and sleep, since I took off Monday too.

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    Our decision was based on the airfare. Flying in Monday saved us enough for an extra day at CN than flying on Sunday

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