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    Default Best suites at CSA and why?

    Hello. Were traveling to CSA in January 2013 for a wedding. Curious to hear peoples thoughts on their favorite suites and why they like them over others. Thanks!

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    If you can afford it, go for the beachfront verandas or beachfront suites if you don't mind not having a tv. They are just steps from the sand.

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    Beachfront Verandahs for sure!!! Love them Directly on the beach, awesome sunset watching!

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    The rooms are divided into 3 sections. The old section from the original resort on the North side. These have the large balconies and I think some dont have tvs. The newer "verandah" section is to the South and dont have as big of a balcony. Then the greathouse rooms above Patois Patio that are more modern looking. The first two sections are basically the same, just different distances from the beach. If you can afford it, the beachfront verandahs would probably be the best, unless you liked the older feel and wanted the original beachfront suites. The oceanfront and garden are just a little further away. We stay in a garden because it feels more private (never had any noise issues) and it lets us afford more nights than a beachfront. I prefer the newer section than the old personally but others are the opposite. We spend a lot of time by the swim up bar area so its nice to be close to that.
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    We are big fans of the Atrium Suites. Mostly...because of the privacy and lack of a tv. They are in the old section - which we love. Unlike the beachfront units, you do not have a steady stream of people walking by all day long. You can fall asleep in your hammock and not worry about being on display!

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    We LOVE the Beachfront Suites! And the Atriums!! The area of rooms without the word "Verandah" is in the original area of the resort, and is a little quieter than the newer section (by Patois and the Great House). And the Verandah rooms all have TVs, the other rooms don't. I honestly think most every room category is quite nice. Just remember - the word "suite" as used here doesn't mean you'll have a multi-room set up.

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    Thanks for the input so far everyone! We are leaning towards the atrium suites but love hearing everyones input!

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    Hi Tritooner: I just returned from CSA and let me start by saying it is all that you can wish for! My hubby and I both agree it was our best romantic vacation. We had an Atrium Suite and I love the ambiance of the room but wish I had sprung for the beachfront suite. The room we checked into was right next to the palms restaurant and we could hear all the restaurant noise and the bass of the band. The location was great for ease of use, but we asked to move. The front desk staff were very nice and moved us the next day. Our next room was more private but closer to the road. I'm a light sleeper and the road noiseand tree frogs drove me crazy. I ended up buying ear plugs which helped cut the noise. Also know that you cannot request a room, just a room category. It seems to be the luck of the draw on which building you're in. Neither my husband or I missed having the tv in our room. We really weren't in the room for very long anyway. There's SO much to do on the resort. Happy planning and enjoy your trip!

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    We've stayed in Ocean View Veranda twice and I would highly recommend them. While I"m sure the view is phenomenal in the beachfront, I don't like the lack of privacy. Especially if you're on the ground-floor. People are walking by all times of the day and night and not always considerate of the fact that you might be sleeping or napping (a few good drinks will do that to anyone! :-). The Ocean View are set back a little -- pretty much buildings right behind the beachfront but they are much quieter. We always request a third floor for more privacy and better view -- most people don't want to climb the stairs so this is usually an easy request.

    In any case, you'll love it no matter what!

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    Just to clarify, they are called ocean veranda suites. No "view" in the name. You might get a partial view of the ocean but don't expect much as they are tucked behind the bfvs. Don't want to mislead someone.

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    My husband and I always go for the BF Suites! We love being so close to the ocean and falling asleep to the sound of the waves. We've never had a privacy issue being in these rooms but we enjoy being on our patio/balcony watching all that goes on. As mentioned these rooms dont have tvs and it doesnt bother us either. We got married there back in Oct '09 and we go back to enjoy each others company!! CSA is AMAZING!!

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    I've been to CSA 5 times and I'll just say this --- once you have a BF suite (old section) it's hard to go back to a "garden" or "attrium"....... TRUST ME! BF SUITE's are by far the best..... If a TV is REALLY important then go with the BF Verandah suites..... Everytime we go we hear "newbies" saying "man -- those rooms right on the beach with the big patios are SOOOOOO nice"..... If you can afford them go for it!

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    We've been lucky enough to get those wrap around porch Beach Front Suites a couple of times, and I have to say NOTHING beats them!!! And we've never found people to be intrusive (although one time a woman tried to get into our room - she was in the block next door)

    We also really liked the Atrium (and some are practically on the beach with a view)....The 2nd floor Atriums have a GREAT vaulted ceiling (although the bathroom wall doesn't go all the way up, if that could be an issue)....the bottom floor has a great deck with hammock, and they also have sail cloth curtains that can be lowered if you need privacy....

    We don't miss the TV, as we bring our computers and a few movies so we have something if we need it....and we generally watch a few games on the TV at the Sports Bar.

    I hope you have a GREAT time!!!

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    We got married there last May & we had the Garden Verandah Suite & we loved where we were.

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    We love the Atrium suites for the same reason Topspin wrote. The privacy. We always felt bad as we were walking by the Beachfront units because it felt as if we were intruding in their space. There would be people on their patio enjoying breakfast and a steady stream of people would walk by. If privacy is no biggie for you then no worries, but for us we'd rather have it. We love relaxing in our hammock on our private balcony. Heaven!

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    Decide what you want in a room. If you need a TV (why I don't know while on vacation in paradise) don't take the Atrium or Beachfront Suites. If you want to hear the night sounds of Jamaica like the waves and the peeping tree frogs then you do want them as there is no glass in the windows...just screens and wooden louvers you can open during the day for fresh air and close at night for privacy. Our favorite is the BFS. We like the second floor as there is more privacy when resting on the balcony and a better chance to see the beautiful sunsets. The Atrium Suites are mostly the second row of buildings away from the beach while the Beachfront Suites are right on the beach. Noise can be more noticable at either end of the resort with nightly entertainment and breakfast at the Palms on one end and the nightclub at the other near Feathers and Patois Restaurants (Great House Verandah Suites). People have complained about the noise from the road if you stay in the Garden Verandah Suites. Mostly the room is for sleeping know. During the day we are usually not there anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    Just to clarify, they are called ocean veranda suites. No "view" in the name. You might get a partial view of the ocean but don't expect much as they are tucked behind the bfvs. Don't want to mislead someone.
    Here's our view from the Ocean Veranda we stayed in the last trip. If we go back to CSA the next time we'll go for a Beachfront Suite.

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone. We did decide on the Atrium Suite! Can't wait to go!

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    Name:  249747_1753954092725_1355109221_31536319_5176599_n.jpg
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Size:  46.7 KB This is the sunset view from our BFS second floor balcony at CSA. That is actually the untouched color.

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    ORV I'd be very happy with that view! I have seen some pics with almost no water visible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shartalin View Post
    ORV I'd be very happy with that view! I have seen some pics with almost no water visible.
    Don't get me wrong, I wasn't complaining, although I could see how it could be taken that way with the statement I made afterward. It was a very good ocean view. The room was on third floor right corner if you're looking toward the beach. My point to the second statement was that after seeing the BFS and looking at the small difference in cost, we are going to book them next trip.

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    What a beautiful picture. Whaa I miss it!!!

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