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    Default Anyone else do this?

    So, we booked our new years vacation at CN from the 28Dec-2Jan13. But it seems so far away and I can't seem to tear myself away from the Couples website. I see these deals and start thinking "you know, we could plan a quick trip down in September too at these rates". I almost pushed the BOOK button before I got up and walked away.

    MUST STOP PRICING But just for giggles...what is weather like in Sept in Jamaica?

    I have a sneaky feeling I might get us down there twice this year...

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    We started out the same way as just about everyone else. Seven day trip, Sunday to Sunday. Then after five or six trips, we added three days. But even ten days eventually was not enough. So I jokingly, I thought, said to my wife, "What would you say to going to Jamaica twice a year"? I thought she would tell me all the practical reasons why we just couldn't do that. Instead, she said, "Wow. Do you think we can"? And the rest is history.

    We have been going twice a year for about the past ten years, maybe more. We stay for twelve days each time. That has turned out to be the right amount of days each time.

    It takes a tremendous amount of planning and scheming to pull this off. But the rewards have been overwhelming. We found that if we put it on the calendar, then we just have to go. This April will be our 33 visit to CTI, one to CSS and two to another resort, because at the time, we hadn't even heard of Couples. It's been the best discovery of our 45 year marriage.

    If you plan it, it will happen.

    Weather in September is a little drier then our April trip. Our second time each year used to be October, but we switched to November. Whenever you go, it's all good.

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    I am so glad my trip is less than 4 months away because I can so see myself doing that now that you mentioned it, lol. Too bad my Hubby and I are limited to how much time we can take off work, because that holds us back too.

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    We have gone to Couple Negril for the last 4 years in February. This year, we are also going to try Couples Swept Away in October, so our first 2 trip year. I am hoping to fine tune the dates a little and make this a yearly happening. My wife and I both love Couples, and for whatever reason this trip that ended a couple of weeks ago, was the best one yet, so I don't think it will take too much arm twisting.

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    If you can travel without putting it on the credit cards then go for it!! We used to be limited by my work schedule.....but now I do not work!!

    Hubby has 6 weeks off a year! We have been going to Jamaica or somewhere WARM for a minimum of 2 weeks for the past 11 years. Last year we added 10 more days, this year we are adding 12 days! I am going to try to add a full 14 additional days for 2013......just have to figure out how to do it without using anymore of hubbies vacation days

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