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    If anyone has booking on Caribbean Air out of PHL on Fridays, I'd check on your itinerary. Our friends, scheduled to fly on May 18, were NOT notified. I told them about the issue, so they checked with CA. They told them all was well... but unfortunately, the customer service rep didn't really look at their booking very closely... turns out, CA had changed their reservation to Saturday (yes, they do still fly on Saturday), but had NOT notified them about the change in their itinerary.

    Our friends changed their arrangements to Thursday... so eventually all worked out for them... but you're going to have to watch it if you're flying them out of PHL on Fridays.

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    How do they expect to stay in business with such shennanigans?

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    At least you still have other options for direct flights. We haven't had those in about 5 years. If we flew out of CVG we wouldn't get to CTI until late afternoon. So we drive 1 1/2 hours get a much cheaper flight and are at the resort for lunch.

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