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    Default First time to Jamaica and CSS

    Hi Everyone

    My fiance and I are getting married this coming June and will be going to CSS for a week We have heard WONDERFUL things about the resorts but some troublesome things about Jamaica. We've heard there are a lot of people trying to sell drugs, on and off the resort, is this true? I was also recently told not to wear my jewelery, and not to trust putting it in the safe in our room, any advice?

    On a more positive note, there are soooo many options to keep us occupied while we're there, are there any activities that anyone thinks we definitely shouldn't miss? Also, any spa treatments or extras we should do while we're there. Thanks in advance for any answers/advice. We're soooo excited to go on our trip.


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    I was at Negril 5 yrs ago and was approcached about going to see the "farmer" several times.I never felt threatened at all by them tho

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    Hi lindsg10!
    First of all, congratulations on your marriage!!! You could not have picked a better place for your honeymoon! CSS is romantic, and the staff will treat you wonderfully!

    As for your safety questions, I don't wear my jewelry during the day because I don't want to lose it--with all the sunblock I apply during the day I'm afraid that my rings my come off--not that someone will steal them!!! For dinner I wear my rings and any other bling I choose to wear! We always leave our valuables in the safe e.g. passports, jewelry, netbooks, kindles etc. and have never had a problem. As for drugs, we have been approached at the airport and on our trip to Nine Mile (Bob Marley's birthplace) but a polite "no thank you" does the trick.

    For things not to miss, I would definitely say do the included trip to Dunns River Falls! Just ask the tour desk folks what day there aren't any cruise ships! Also the hot stone massage at the spa is a not to miss in my opinion too!!!:-)

    Hope you have a great trip!

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    We went to CSA for our HM 2 yrs ago and and when we walked on the beach off the property we were bombarded by vendors and "pharmacist". We kindly told them no thank you and went on our way. We also went into downtown Negril with a cab driver to go to the ATM and had to wait around for 30 minutes for the bank to open...although I was a nervous wreck it was no big deal and never did we feel like we were in any danger and it was a story to laugh about later.

    My husband and I don't wear a lot of jewelry but when we do take it off we put it in the safe with no problems. In fact, once we put everything (rings, watch, wallet) in the safe and left it completely open as well as my camera on the coffee table (one too many drinks before we left for the beach) and we had no issues. Not that I am encouraging you to leave things out or bring your most expensive jewelry but just use common sense and you shouldn't have any issues.

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    Congraduations and best wishes on your up coming wedding.
    Yes you may be offered drugs,most likely off the resort. Just say no thank you and the seller will move on. And your jewerly will be fine either on you or in the safe that you picked the lock combination for. Not sure who tried to worry you about Jamaica,but use the same caution you would anywhere and you'll be fine. We have been twice and trip 3 and 4 are planned we have never felt unsafe.

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    No one at CSS tried to sell us drugs when we were at there. Off the resort there is a good chance someone will offer them, but a firm No Thank You and they will leave you alone.

    My wife wore her diamond ring and we kept our money in the safe with no problems.

    Do not miss the Tuesday night beach party which will include a high energy performance by the Silverbirds steel drum band. Your gonna love CSS!

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    Thank you all so much We really appreciate the advice and I feel much more at ease about going

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    This will be our 8th. trip to Couples and except when we went to Margaritavill were we ever offered drugs. We do not do CSA, so I can't speak for there. My wife always hsas her jewerly and has never had a problem. Just use the same cautions you would use in any city in the US and you will be fine. We take a taxie downtown for shopping when we go and have had no problem. Don't worry, be happy, you will have a wonderful time.
    Congrats on your wedding, you could not have picked a beter place to wind down after all the drama of the wedding!
    Phinns up!

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    You may be offered drugs off the resort but NOT on the resort. CSS only allows vendors that sell wood carvings and other souvenirs on the premises and since the beach is secluded you will not have any beach vendors that you would get in Negril.

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    Once ON the resort, you won't see much of the Jamaicans other than employees. Which is too bad. I have never had ANY problem with valuables in the room. From CSS, do Dunn's River Falls. It's included. Though NOT for fat old people! We know! Get a massage. We did this a few days AFTER our journey up Dunn's River Falls. Should have gotten this the day after. The message was wonderful.

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