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    Default How to Make the Time go By.... we have 179 days left before our trip back to CTI, feels like a life time. How do you make the time go by faster????? I feel like I'm going to go crazy by the time August gets here!

    Anyone else feel this way?


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    Yes! I work a lot, and play a lot of cards..... We're getting married in August, and head down to CSA 13-22. Cannot wait!!!

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    Ahhh, if only there were a magic button we could push to speed up time. One wonderful click and off we would be whisked to our favorite resort of choice. But alas, even the magnificent Couples Genie can only stand idly by counting the seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months to pass ever so slowly, one tick tock at a time.

    Oh great Genie, can you tell me what I should do while I wait for all the days to slowly wind their way down and finally reach the bewitching number of "0"? How shall I pass the monumental task that has been placed before me? Where shall I turn to uncover the secrets of overcoming boredom? Tell me oh exalted one, help me fill my lonely emptiness. The waiting is moving excruciatingly more slowly than an overweight snail dragging his huge shell behind him. Speak to me oh great one. Help me to uncover the secret to this terrible waiting, waiting, endless days of waiting. Surely there must be some way to capture all the hours and days that lie before me. Some how to banish all the moments and release me from this sad, sad, woefully empty time. I beg of you, most exalted one, cast your magic lantern in my direction so that I may follow your guiding light. I implore you. I fear I may not be strong enough to wait alone, here in the darkness of my tiny room.

    But the Genie never answers. There is only silence. We beg, we plead, we place all or our travel bags before you. And still the magnificent Genie ignores our urgent cries for assistance. We are doomed. The magical number "0" still eludes us. Tragedy. Deep despair. Unending sorrow.

    And so my friends, it appears that nothing will help the counting to continue any more quickly. This is our fate. Each of us must endure the allotted numbers as best we can. Each of us must seek for salvation on our own. The High and Mighty Couples genie can not be of any assistance.

    We are condemned to remain here, staring at our travel bags, waiting. Waiting for that morning to rise in the eastern sky. Then, and only then will we be given the sign to gather up all that we have packed, to finally shut the lights off, lock the door and head for that glistening chariot that will ultimately deliver our worn and tired bodies to the shores of a distant land. A land where we can finally feel the warm waters that surround the castle of contentment. Then, and only then, will our hearts beat with a rhythm of the reggae. The ancient mystical drums will herald our arrival in the land of a thousand pleasures.

    So I am afraid Drew and Danielle, our fate is sealed. And there is nothing we can do that will hasten the minutes to move any more quickly. Sorry.

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    I understand wanting time to "hurry up" so you can enjoy a little bit of paradise but I suggest taking it slow. PATIENCE is a hard lesson learned but I've found it pays off more often than not. Keep busy and go about your daily routine. I know this is easier said than done but revel in the anticipation of your trip. This can be just as much fun as the trip itself. Let the excitment build. That way when you're there, you appriciate it even more. Your only there for a short time and once it's over , it's over. (till the next time)

    LIFE is to short.
    Don't wish it by faster than it goes.

    CSA Aug. 2011, July 2012, July 2013, July 2014, Oct. 2015
    CSS Aug. 2011, Aug. 2014

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    Wow, that's a Crabracer classic.

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    I always say that it's better to be looking at a vacation from the front side, rather than the back. I have a count down clock on my computer and that helps....a little.

    Life is good

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    It is one of those things that we all must deal with. As a long time repeater, it isn't any easier for us to wait than it is for a first timer. Telling someone to try and not think about it, is like telling someone to hold your breath until you leave. Letting the excitement build really is a great way to keep looking forward and when you get there, that's when your excitement explodes like fireworks on fourth of July. It's the greatest feeling in the world.

    And 2-4-Jamaica, thanks for your comment.

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    I found a good deal on one of these: Make the time go by machine
    That should make the 452 days until our trip go by rather quickly!

    CTI in 452 days
    18 hours
    43 minutes

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    What would we have to pay for a round-trip flight in that De Lorean? That way we could leave tomorrow to arrive in April, come back home in March, and go again when April comes. Do you think Couples would notice if we doubled up on our reservations?

    It's thoughts like this that help the time go by.

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    Crabracer, I love the way you express yourself.

    Now I have to get on the treadmill and get busy losing those extra pounds I gained over the holidays. Guess that is how I will spend my count down time!!

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