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    We will be at CSA in 11 days the GF has been tanning like a mad women and is wondering what spf she will need or of she even needs to wear any... Any help would be great I know I will be using spf 15 and a spf 30 on the old face

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    Yes, I would highly recommend that your GF uses at least 15 spf sunscreen. My husband and I have been to Couples Negril for 4 years now. Each time we go, we spend 3 months in the tanning beds to try and get ready for a fun vacation. I'm a natural red head who used to burn easily, thanks to the years of pre tanning and then using sunscreen on the trip, I haven't burned in a long time. I always use 15 spf every 2 - 2.5 hours and haven't burned since doing this process. Even if you are tan and tan easily, the sun is very strong in Jamaica and you don't want to ruin your trip with a sunburn. Tell her that she will still Tan and enjoy the trip without a sun burn. The first couple of times we went, the first day or two I had brought a small bottle of 30 spf and used it until I knew if I was going to burn or not. Now I only use the 15 spf. I hope this helps. Have a fun trip.

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    Well because she has a good base already, I would ask her to wear lotion the first day and see how it goes.

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    Love the Jamaica sun but it is fierce. My husband & I both pre tan too & still slather on SPF 30 with a 70 for face. My husband still manages to get so tan he looks purple!!! We try to hit the sun early,12-2 gets crazy hot! Perfect time to hit the pool on the fitness side & have a yummy smoothie!!! Enjoy!

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    I would use that on the old body too. The sun is intense.

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    My hubby and I wear a 4. The sun is more intense down there so she should have at least a 4 or 8. We tan easily and do pre tan as well before arriving. Most others don't tan well and need a higher SPF. We also split the day spending time under a tree for shade. Have a blast! CSA is awesome!!!

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    Yes she will still need some level of sunscreen ESPECIALLY when she is in the water!! The reflection off that clear ocean water can be intense, plus you do not feel the heat! Make sure she protects her nose, ears, SCALP and the top of her feet!

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    Base tan or not I always opt for at least 30, included is a little info about sunscreen. I always go with better safe than sorry. I tan easily and have rarely burned in my life. Prevent the sunburn that can ruin your vacation.

    *New sunscreen labeling requirements by the FDA are designed to help consumers make healthy choices in protecting their skin. Sunscreens labeled "Broad Spectrum" with SPF 15 and higher will now have a new message on their packaging that they reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging, in addition to preventing sunburn, if used as directed. Sunscreens NOT labeled "Broad Spectrum" can only claim they prevent sunburn.

    Hope that wasn't too much....Angie

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    We're from Florida, the sunshine state and even WE wear SPF 30-45+ when we're in Jamaica. The sun is so much more intense down there, even with a "base tan". I would recomend bringing plenty of sunscreen.

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    I totally agree with the "better safe than sorry" notion. I tanned for a month before going, used 30 SPF, and still got a bit burned after a couple of hours of intense sun while in the pool. Why risk being red and painful for half your vacation? Start out higher and if you are ok, go down from there

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    A few years back I did the tanning salon thing before a trip to the islands and then spent 7 days tanning with lotions at the resort. First I used 30 spf then after a few days 15 spf and I was pretty tan as I do tan easily. The eighth day we were to leave the resort in the early afternoon so after packing I decided to lay out for a couple hours without lotion as I did not have a way to wash it off before the flight. Big mistake! I still burned and that night was not a good one. Don't underestimate the Caribbean sun. Wear the lotion and make sure each day is as enjoyable as the first. Sunburns can ruin everything. One good burn and the fun in the sun is over.

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    Well thank you for all the feedback, I will be sure to wear lotion each day!

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    The sun is intense. I used SPF 50 and still came back looking like a bronze goddess. My husband said I was starting to look like a native. Oh if only I could sit in the sun all day and have the beautiful skin that the Jamaican's do!! So I would highly recommend sunscreen. You'll still get beautiful color.

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    I usually use a 15spf on my body and a higher 30 spf on my face and ears. I tan pretty good but I still make sure to get a base tan at the tanning salon before going. If you don't have a good base tan before getting there, then try taking breaks from the sun and sit in the shade during the first day or two. The sun is fierce and can burn you in just a couple hours if you didn't use sun block or missed a spot. And don't forget to get your knees, ears and face. I know I occasionally forget to get my ears and get them a little burned.
    Riley - looking forward to returning to Couples Negril

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    I start off with spf 50 or 70 for the first two day, cut it down to spf 30 days 3 and 4, and then 15 after that, with multiple applications of the lotion each day during that entire time. I dont need to burn, and not enjoy the resort. Still come home at the end of the week with a nice tan... Ire!!!!

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