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    Default Looking for something new....maybe

    I have been to CSA four times but I'm looking for a change so I can make new memories. I love CSA and the unknown of another Couples resort scares me a little. But, I'm curious if repeaters have suggestions for a resort for me to try that still gives me the CSA experience.

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    I don't think that any of the other three resorts will give you all that you enjoy at CSA. However, that being said, the other three properties will give you so many new and wonderful things, that you can still have a great time even though you are not at your favorite resort of choice.
    The food and beverage is great everywhere. The staff is "Couples trained" and will be attentive to your needs and will make you feel very much at home.
    We have been to CTI 32 times and once to CSS. While CSS was completely different in so many ways, it was still beautiful. Even though you may not see your favorite staff person, the ones you meet will very quickly fill the void. If you can go to another resort without trying to compare one to the other, you will still have a wonderful time. They are four unique and individual resorts, but they are all under the name of Couples. They all have that standard to uphold.

    If you can try to not be "picky" and looking for things or people that you have at CSA, your time there will still be a memorable one.

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    Thanks Crabracer - there are familiar people here since I was last here in 2009! I guess the best thing for me to do is look at the website at all the resort pictures, then look at the reviews and read the message board. I don't mind something different and if it is still Couples, then it would be an adventure to try a different resort.

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    We have stayed at both CSA and CN, and are looking forward to trying CSS and CTI. From our limited experience, both resorts were fantastic. They each had their bits that we liked more than the other and they both had their minor annoyances. For our preference we are CSA people but not by much. I think it has to do as much with it being our first couples experience as anything...well, that and the sailing at CSA is so great. We would highly recommend that you try the other resorts and see what you like about them and figure out which one is your "home" resort. You really can't go wrong with a Couples resort, only a little bit different.

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    We had been to CSA several times, when we tried CSS a few years ago. There are so many things to like about CSS. Although the beach is smaller and private, we liked that there weren't jet skis buzzing around like at CSA. We also liked that the sea bottom had seagrass as it drew some fish and we could snorkel right off the beach. There is absolutely nothing like getting a couples massage at the hideaway hut overhanging the cliffs at CSA. Bob also liked the jogging track slightly better at CSS since it wraps around a pond and has views of the beach and mountains. The Starlight Gala at CSS is absolutely amazing and blows away the beach party at CSA.

    Having said all that, we have returned to CSA. We love the long beach at CSA and the variety of restaurants. Most importantly for us, the beachfront suites at CSA truly are right on the beach. We love sitting on our verandah and watching the sea at CSA.

    So, go for it, try a different Couples resort. They all have the same great Couples service. But if your heart is set on CSA, go back to CSA.

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    We went to CN for our 1st anniversary & vowed to return every year. We hit CSA yr 2, CTI yr 3 & are heading to CSS in 3 weeks for yr 4. They are all so similar yet so different that we said we can't pick a favorite until we go to all 4. Try them all!! When we were at CSA we thought it was the best, but as time passes I am more excited to go back to CN.

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    We usually flip-flop between CN and CSA. Whatever resort we are at we think, "Oh, we like this one the best." This year it's CN and we are so excited to go back there!

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    I think we all should visit each of the 4 resorts at least once....unless there is some physical handicap. For instance I would LOVE to try CSS but all of those steps simply forbid me due to a disability. Each of the resorts has their own personality while still upholding the wonderful service standards of Couples.

    We have been to CN & CTI so far. We will be at CSA & CN this August for 12 nights. So far my favorite is CTI!! If we could place CTI on the beach of Negril it would be the PERFECT resort for US on Jamaica.....but IMO each Couples Resort is perfect in its own way.

    How long do you go away for? If you travel for 10 nights or more maybe do a split stay between one of the Couples in Ochi & CSA. Stay in OCHI first maybe 3 nights then transfer to CSA for the remaining 7. This way you will be able to experience a different place but know you will be able to end your vacation at a place you love. I suggest a stay of at least 10 nights since you really do lose that first and last day with travel, the day you transfer resorts you will take about 2.5-3 hours to get between Ochi/Negril. Couples will provide all transfers for you between the resorts and you will not have to go back to the airport and catch the shuttle etc.

    We did this last August when we wanted to try "The GEMMY" resort by Dunns River. Luckily we did the 3/7 split weighted toward Couples. I was NOT impressed with the non-Couples resort. It was NICE but just did not have that comfortable, warm and fuzzy feeling you have with Couples.

    It is OK to step out of your comfort zone.....but it is just as good to stay with the place you know you love.

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    Hey, read "Did a bad thing" dated 2/29. Enough said.

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