starting to get really excited about our quickly approaching return home (#4) to CN, and thought starting a thread like this might be a fun a way to pass the time. If you're a repeater, list one (or more!) things you haven't done yet during past trips, but want to do on your next visit. If you're a newbie, feel free to list some of the things you are looking forward to experiencing during your first time in paradise! Here's my list ....

1) finally take the leap and spend some time on the au naturel beach (or at the very least, hit the au naturel hot tub one evening!)
2) actually get to go on the night snorkel (the last two trips we signed-up, but both trips were cancelled due to high winds)
3) take one of the kayaks out at least once
4) walk down to the office of nature
5) order the "drink of the day" at least once every day
6) play some ping-pong on one of the outdoor tables
7) spend some time exploring CSA's grounds during our trading places day (instead of letting sand gravity take over and just laying on the beach or around the swim-up bar!)
8) attend at least one yoga class
9) try to catch the Silverbirds' poolside performance
10) schedule a private dinner in treehouse

Kristie & Marco
CN - 2006, 2008, 2010 & April 2012 (only 47 more sleeps!)