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    This will be our first time to a couples resort. Can anyone tell me if they have Crown Royal Whiskey?

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    yes they have crown,drink up mon

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    Yes they do. I tried to drink it all but alas I got sidetracked and started drinking the nectar of the Jamaican Gods, a drink called Naughty Jamaican.

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    My drink of choice is Crown Royal...

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    Crown and Ting, one of my favorites.

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    smroot - Can you tell me more about the Naughty Jamaican? One of my goals for our upcoming stay at CN is to try as many new drinks as possible!

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    Think maybe I already answered you, but it is Frangelica and Rum Cream over the Rocks. Make me happy Mon!

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    Yes!!! They have Crown but you need to try the SAMBUCA!!! It's a black licorice licquer.
    I loved it BUT sip only. Also try the Bob Marley that you slug right down . You will love this place!

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    My husband loves his rye and cola and we watched as the bottle was depleted as he and another Canadian we met were drinking it. We thought that once it was gone, we may not see another one the next day....but sure enough, there was another full bottle at the bar the next night!!

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    Default Thank You!

    I just wanted to thank everyone who responded! It is greatly appreciated! We will be in Negril from May 25 to June 2nd for our honeymoon!

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    Be brave and get a "Bob Marley"!

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