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    Default Fall Head Over Heels...

    Hello everyone,

    How's the weather in late October?
    Really would like to take advantage of this deal

    Thanks for your feedback

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    We went the first week of November last year to CTI, and the weather was awesome the whole time! I think in the evenings it dipped down into the mid-70s, during the day it was consistently up in the 80s, and the humidity was very low the whole time. Only once did the humidity go up, and that was also on the only day we saw rain that week (and it only rained for about an hour or so in the morning)

    I would say (and I suspect other responses as well) grab the deal by the horns, as you'll have a great time!

    CTI in 456 days!

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    Thanks so much...we will!

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    You can never predict what the weather will be. If you want to go, think the price is good then go for it!! Just remember to purchase Cancel for any reason Insurance!

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