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    To those of you with large wedding parties (50-100 people), have any of you had your reception in one of the restaurants? I'm interested in doing this as budget friendly as possible and I just want to see if this is possible? I really can't afford a private dinner reception but my fiancé and I both come from large families and it's hard to not invite all the special people in our lives!

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    Which resort are you going to, and when will you and your party be there?

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    Which resort? The restaurants aren't that large. It would still be a private reception as the resort would have to staff to serve that many people at one time in one place.

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    which resort, and what are your dates that you and your party will be there?

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    I doubt they'd close a restaurant for you...even if you wanted to pay for it. There is only so much seating and it's on a first come first serve basis. You'll have to take your chances. You also will never get reservations at a reservation restaurant for that many people even at different times.
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    We will be at Couples Tower Isle April 19 2013.

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