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    Default Difference Between Greathouse Verandah/Jacuzzi Suites

    We usually stay in a Ocean or Beachfront Verandah Suite, but like the looks of the Greathouse Suites. What is the difference between the Verandah and the Jacuzzi suites: size, placement and is there a chance you may end up looking at the back of the stores, etc. on the next property?

    Any info from the "Message Board"ies would be greatly appreciated! :-)

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    We stayed in the Jacuzzi Suite on our honeymoon. There are only 4 of these available - 2 on the second floor and 2 on the third floor. All four look directly at the ocean and over the pool/swim up bar. We were on the third floor and it was so beautiful!

    The room is very spacious and the bathroom is huge. And of course, it comes with a jacuzzi tub that is separate from the shower.

    Overall it was a fabulous experience! We will be at CSA in late May but this time we are checking out the Ocean Verandah Suite. How are those rooms?


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    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the ghjs have the prime views. I've read that the ghvs have the tub/shower combo and some have views of the property next door. Most of them have nice views of the ocean and swimup bar and pool.

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    I haven't been in the Great House jacuzzi suite, but stayed in the Great House Verandah Suite on our trip last year. If you looked out our verandah straight out, you could see other resort buildings, but we also had a really pretty view of the beach. Our friends stayed in another room down the hall, and they had a nice view of the beach, too, but could also see the back of the building next door.

    I'm including a link to a slideshow I made of the room:

    I'm not a professional photographer, so it's nothing fancy. There are pictures of the view we had, and it should also give you a good idea of the size of the room. I had a hard time finding pics of the room before we booked, so I hope you find it helpful.

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    We stayed in a Greathouse Jacuzzi Suite last year at CSA. There are only four of these rooms and they are the ones that face the beach directly. The greathouse rooms on the right side of the GH (as you are facing the ocean) have a nice view. The rooms on the left side do have a view of the adjacent property and alleyway, which some have said is not all that nice.

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    Thanks for the pics, Robin!! It looks a lot like the Verandah Suites beside the Great House, maybe just a little bigger room, but the bathroom seems the same: ONE sink, a tub/shower combo and quite small. I like the comfy chair with ottoman though!

    The Verandah Suite rooms are smaller, Matt, and that's fine except for one complaint: only one single chair in the room, so someone has to sit or lie on the bed. There's room for another chair so I think if we're back in December I might ask if we can have a second one! A year ago we stayed in an Ocean Verandah Suite and it was great, we could see past the jacuzzi between buildings to see the ocean and beach. This past December we stayed in a Beachfront Verandah Suite and we were on the third floor in a corner room and it was spectacular!! What a view...great sunset picture taking from up there! This year, unfortunately, we're too late to try a GHJS as they are all gone, as are the GHVS. Oh well, will have to plan better next time!

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    Thanks for the pics robin. Do you have any from the other side (facing the other resorts)? We are booked in a GHVS (at the hubbys request) and I was wondering about the view was on the other side, in case we end up on that side.

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    robin16ak ~ thanks for the link to the photos. We are booked into a GHVS in October 2012 and I was struggling to find pictures too so these were a great help. Did you have any problem with noise from the bars, music, restaurants etc at night? There have been a lot of contradictory reviews on TA about these rooms. I don't think we'll be in the room apart from early morning cuppa and sleeping as the resort looks stunning, just need my sleep in order not be a grump in the mornings lol!

    Thanks again

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    We did not have a problem with noise in the GHJS. I thought that we'd be able to hear the Aura nightclub, but the corridor with the rooms is fairly well soundproofed. During the day, the swimup bar can be noisy if you leave your verandah doors open.

    One note, though, the hallways are tile lined. If you are a late sleeper, I've read others note that the sound of the housekeeping carts rolling on the tile floors is loud. We are not late sleepers, so this wasn't an issue for us.

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    Mikayla, I don't have pics of the view from the other room, sorry!

    JoolyB- I didn't have a problem with noise at all. It's been a year since our trip, so my memory is a little fuzzy, but I really don't remember it ever being a problem. I guess it's time to go back to confirm that, though!

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