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    Default CN wedding ceremony location

    We are planning to go to Couples Negril for our wedding either in December or January! I have looked at pictures and noticed that the beach location that I keep seeing in the pictures has 2 little trees right behind the set up. I don't particularly like these trees, as I would just like to see the ocean behind us! Does anyone know if that is the only beach location or is there one with no trees behind??? Any help would be appreciated!

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    I would bet you could get married anywhere on the beach that you choose. Just email the wedding coordinator or decide when you get there.

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    Pretty sure that is the only 'official' beach location with space set aside for weddings. The rest of the beach has loungers or watersports equipment.

    Perhaps you could ask your photographer to take some angled pictures so s/he catches the two of you against a pure ocean backdrop during the ceremony. And of course post/pre-ceremony you can take tons of photos on the beach where there are no trees in site.

    Another idea is to ask the wedding coordinator if they could set up an alternate beach location for your ceremony (move some loungers, etc).

    Finally, if the trees are a deal-breaker, I believe the wedding area at CSA does not have any view-obstructing foliage.

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    I have been to Couples Resorts a few times. It is the best wedding location venue for celebrating parties for couples. My best friend booked this resort for her wedding. The decoration was just spectacular there. I loved that.

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