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    Hi Everyone

    We've flown into MoBay with Virgin ever since they started the Gatwick/Mo Bay route. Always premium economy in the bubble - fantastic service but the 747s were getting a bit tired to say the least. They have all been refurbished in 2012 and so we are looking forward to our flight on 10th Feb (doing a CN/CSA split this time).

    They have made the bubble half PE and half Econ with a bigger PE cabin downstairts. It will be interesting to see how it works. We have booked downstairs for the journey out, because that cabin will be first off and upstairs on the way back. I'm sad the old dedicated upstairs PE cabin has gone, but hopefully we will have a good trip. For those of you traveling Econ, a seat in the bubble would be well worth nabbing - its so quiet and spacious up there.

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    Hi there

    We are bravely trying this Virgin Gatwick/MoBay flight again ( see my posts earlier in this thread from about a year ago) but this time doing Wednesday flights in the hope it will be quieter and so better service. Flying out 20th Feb for 3 weeks with a CSS/CSA split so lots of newness this time. I'll let you know how it goes.


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    We flew Virgin in Mid January and I'm afraid never again. Their service is just poor so we are looking at charter flights or even BA to MIA and changing airlines for 2014.

    We waited nearly 2 hours for a drink on VS 066 back to Gatwick, what a sham! While complaining to the cabin crew supervisor we were told that this was norm on a "night flight"! Our plane took off at 19:15 CN time!

    If you read the various blogs in the Internet, the general view is that Virgin have lost their way on service.

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