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    Default Book exchange at CSA

    Hello all~ I'm thinking of bringing along a regular paperback for the beach and leaving my tablet in the room (I'm a klutz around water). I was wondering if CSA has a book exchange or library where you can leave your book and pick out another? Kind of like take a penny, leave a penny concept? It would save me from hauling down a books.

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    yes it does, it is upstairs in the Lemongrass restuant. There were no good choices as far i could see. We were there last week. I brought a couple of books with me but hardly ever read. The beach is a live show all day long and you dont want to miss anything. Other than that we were busy getting massages, caterman cruise (3 hours), glass bottom boat, And on the hobby cat or kayak. Oh and swimming or walking the many miles of beach. No time for reading.

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    They certainly do, have used it several times.
    The book exchange is upstairs at the Palms through the Martini bar and in the sitting area...

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    I can't count the number of times I've brought a book to read and in the end I haven't even cracked it. Maybe read for a few hours on the plane but when I'm on the beach I can't take my eyes off the water and everything that's going on around me. Now I just pack my used paperbacks and give them to the staff. Books, especially current ones are hard to find and very expensive in Jamaica.

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    Maybe I'll just pack some magazines that don't require a lot of thought and just enjoy the goings-on on beach! Thanks for the info! Two more sleeps until we leave!!!

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