well i havent booked my wedding yet but i dont plan to till 2013!!! any ideas,tips,advice etc. i caould use anything really! im going for a couples retreat feel kinda.. we want it to be me,him and 2-3 other couples to join us as guests!

-what all do you think ill need extra money for?
-do you have to pay to get your hair styled and get makeup done at the resort?
-how to schedule the photography and set it all up,do i have options??
- how is sunset wedding?
-do you have a un invited audience during the ceremony on the beach?
-can you tell me more about the music for ceremony and/or reception? can we play our own,if so how that works out?
- tips about videographers?
- how should i go about planning my flight etc!!
-can i bring my own bouquets etc.?

just anything please i need HELP! lol.........