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    Default I cant wait to go to CTI in April but I am dreading the flight. Ear Pain ugh!

    First off Im scared to death to fly but second when I do fly my ears hurt so bad that sometimes everything is muffled for three days. We are staying for seven so I am really hoping this doesnt happen. I read that you can use Ear Planes. Its sup to help for people who have ear pain when they fly. I've never used them. Anybody know if they work or of anything else?

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    I no what you mean, Ive chewed gum,tried the ear plugs, took allergy pills (doc said it should help)and what I found works best for me is to listen to music, I use headphones and mp3. Still chew gum also, but it has seemed to really help my ears clear most times before we get out of the airport instead of a day or two. Mike

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    I never fly without my EarPlanes!! I use them as well as a sinus pill (OTC cold type) and nasal spray (again OTC cold type). I still can have some issues but NO PAIN!! Unless the descent (which I find worse than takeoff) is really quick, I am fine - no muffled ears. I try to make sure to swallow a lot (chewing gum helps with this) on the way up and the way down. I can hear my ears popping when I do that. Yawning also works great to pop my ears!

    Make sure when you put the EarPlanes in that you don't push them in too far. I usually reach over my head to pull up on my ear and then twist the EarPlane in until it doesn't want to go in any further without an increase in force. (Hopefully that makes sense!)
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    My husband had awful ear pain the first time we went and he was miserable the first day or so. After some research we bought the ear planes. They worked wonders. No pain at all. Be sure to put them in before take off and leave them in until the airplane gets to the gate.

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    Your ear pain, as you probably already know, is caused by not clearing them. While this happens automatically for most people, some it does not. Try lightly blowing your nose from time to time, on the way up, then again during the descent. Most airlines keep their cabins pressurized to an altitude corresponding to 8 or 9 thousand feet so you are just not equalizing the pressure in the ears properly. Chewing gum, frequent swallowing, wiggling the jaw all can help, but you must do it on the way up, and again on the way down. I can't help with the medication simply because I never heard of it, but if you are stopped up with cold try to get dried up before flying. Hope this helps in a little way I have had problems in the past and know how you feel.

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    Not sure if they work or not. I'm also not sure if you know how to clear your ears or not. When diving, you have to equalize your ear s to the pressure of the water. I just put my thumb and index finger so that they are blocking my nostrills and force[ gently] air into my nose until I hear and feel my ears pop. That equalizes the pressure. If you have never tried this, give it a try. If you have tried this, well, it was worth a shot. My wife chews gum and that works for her.

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    We have used ear planes, but not for pain, just to muffle the sound of the engines. And when we take the small plane to Bosco Bell landing strip, we definitely need the ear plugs.

    I know that there are meds. for air sickness, but I'm not sure if there is anything for pain. I would check with your doctor.

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    Hi 'salemk', as a scuba diver I know how you feel. This is what I do on dives and flights. I've told other passengers what to do when I see someone in pain.
    1. pinch your nose with your thumb and forefinger
    2. close your mouth
    3. gently (gently) blow air out your nose (while holding it closed)
    this final act equalizes the pressures in your ear canal
    you may feel/hear your ears sort of squeak when the pressure eases
    just do it gently as soon as you start to feel discomfort
    if it happens again during the flight - pain or discomfort - just follow steps 1 to 3 again, but always blow very gently to release the pressure and only continue til you feel the pressure release

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    I've never heard of Ear Planes...but I always take a pack of gum to chew on the plane. This seems to help me keep my ears clear.

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    I'm assuming you're talking about ear pain that occurs on descent and stays around for a couple days. If so, this is easily remedied by chewing gum (2 pieces together is better than one) or using a maneuver called VALSALVA to allow equalization of pressure in the middle ears. The trick to either is starting before the descent is begun and continuing all the way to the ground so as to stay ahead of the pressure changes. Hope this makes your flight better. By the way...we're going to CTI in April too!

    Maybe see ya there!

    Bart & Bug

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    i chew gum and put my fingers over my nose, close my mouth and try to blow through my nose. it causes my ears to clear because thats the only place the air can escape. try it!

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    Thanks everyone for the advice! I am glad to know any little tricks. I go to the Dr. Monday to see what if any allergy meds I can take before flying too.

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    Something no one else had addressed yet. And that is wax build up in the ear. This causes them to plug up fater and harder, making it sometimes impossible to clear by simply swallowing a lot (which is all I have to do...probalaly 20-30 times on the ascent and again on the decrent.) Don't try to do it yourself. The home kits rarely work. Go to your doctor and have both ears flushed out just before your trip. They simply squirt warm water in and the wax comes out. And it doesn't take much to cause problems.
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    Just in case your doctor doesn't tell you which specific OTC products will help you with your ear issues... You have two options. The first is a nasal spray like Afrin or Neo Synephrine. The other is Sudafed tablets which need to be purchased at the pharmacy counter. Either will work for you but don't use Sudafed if you have high blood pressure. The spray would be fine in this instance. If you opt for the Sudafed make sure you buy the Sudafed from the pharmacy counter, the Sudafed in the aisle doesnt work. Take them 1/2 to 1 hour before your flight and you should be ok.
    I'd definitely still do what the others have recommended with the gum, equalizing, etc too. I'm a pharmacist and get lots of questions like yours from people who have the same problem.
    Hope this helps!

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    This will sound silly but try to make yourself yawn deeply. Something about the way you take in the air, open your jaw wide, etc. clears your ears. I tried everything that everyone recommends above with no luck. My daughter is in the US Air Force and is on a flight crew. She said that's one of the tricks they teach them to do. Works for me. Good luck!

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    Every time I fly, I simply plug my ears with my fingers during takeoff until we are level in the sky. That seems to do the trick and I am fine for the rest of the flight. It has worked every time.

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    My husband has a similiar problem. Doctor recommended taking Mucinex before take off. It worked, ears didn't bother him at all. Plus made him sleepy for the trip. Try it.

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    What helped me is chiropractic. I had been seeing my chiro for a def reason and had to fly over seas one time. I had no ear pain and recovered from jet lag the quickest ever! My ear pain could be excruciating at times
    Can't explain why. I go once a week and no problems with flying and I have not taken a sick day since I started care

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    I talked to my Dr. and he said to take Mucinex or Benadryl an hour before getting on plane. My ears were clear but he wants to check them before we go to make sure I dont have any allergy problems. He also said to use the Ear Planes. Im praying it works!

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    I sure hope that works for you salemk. That should dry up the mucus that is causing the tubes to block going to the ear that relieves the pressure. I know how painful it can be. On a bright note, have a great time at Couples.

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