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    Default Repeaters Dinner?

    Hi All...we stayed at CN in 2010 for 4 nights and will be staying at CSA in May of this year for 4 nights. According to Romance Rewards I am still at the First Love category which is the (0-5 nights) and it looks like an invitation for the Repeaters Dinner is not given out until you make the Young Love category which is the (6-13 nights). So, does this mean we will not be invited, because we have not made it to 6 nights? Even though we are return guests?? Please say it isn't soo... I was so looking forward to the dinner.

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    Default No need to worry!

    We just returned from CN on 1/28/2012. Prior to our trip we were concerned about this very same thing, but there is no need to worry. We e-mailed Couples asking if we would be able to attend the repeater dinner even though we did not have any Romance Reward points. (Our previous trip to Couples was in 2005, so any points we would have accrued would have had expired by now.) We were assured that we would be invited, as long as we were repeaters, and had signed up for Romance Rewards. When we were at CN, the repeater dinner was served outside on Monday night. The main entree was steak and lobster. It was wonderful. Enjoy your trip and your dinner.

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    We have not been to CSA in about 17 years. We went the first three years it was open and before it was in the Couples chain. Would we be eligible for the rpeaqtersdinner? Whom would we contact and where (e-mail address) to find out?

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