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    Default First time!!!!!!!!!!!!! fiance and I are planning on going to Swept Away in August for the first time...any reccomendations of what we should do and your experience?

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    Plan on spending most of your time right on the resort. Go to the orientation at 10am or 5pm on you first or second day, so you will be aware of all they have to offer and where it is.
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    My wife and I just returned from CTI (Close to SS). We loved going to Dunn's River Falls (free) and really loved Mystic Mountain. chairlift to the top of the Mountain and the Bobsled run was fantastic!!

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    My husband and I are going to CSA for the first time in August too!! UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED!!! We'll be there 8/12 - 8/19. When will you be there?

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    We will be there 7/29 to 8/13. Try the soups!!!!! And spend at least one whole day on the beach doing nothing. 149 days

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    CSA is heaven on earth. You are going to love it. Make sure to go to the Martini Bar one evening and definitely go snorkeling. And mostly just enjoy each other as you relax on the most beautiful beach you will ever see. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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