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    Default March Maniacs 2012!

    Ok, summer's coming to an end, the weather's getting colder, the baseball team is in last place and the football team has started out 0-2. So the only thing left to do is...FOCUS ON OUR MARCH VACATION TO CN!

    We will be vacationing March 12-20 on our 4th time to CN (8th time to Jamaica, 7th time to Couples). We enjoy meeting new friends and would love to hear from you other March CN vacationers!

    Dave & Leatha

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    Hi will ne in negril from 7 nights from 17th March 2012 flights booked see you then roger and annette from oxford england x

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    Nancy and Bob will be there 3/9 to 3/20, our second trip.
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    Hi Roger & Annette and Bob & Nancy. We look forward to meeting you. We are from Minnesota and it is already starting to cool off quickly. The highs are only reaching the 50's and the lows are dropping to freezing level. The anticipation of going to CN in March really helps us get through the cold winter months. Roger & Annette, have you been to Couples before? Bob & Nancy, where are you from? What were some things about CN that made you decide to come back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaican_junkie View Post
    Hi Roger & Annette and Bob & Nancy. We look forward to meeting you. We are from Minnesota and it is already starting to cool off quickly. The highs are only reaching the 50's and the lows are dropping to freezing level. The anticipation of going to CN in March really helps us get through the cold winter months. Roger & Annette, have you been to Couples before? Bob & Nancy, where are you from? What were some things about CN that made you decide to come back?
    We are from Clemson, SC
    We absolutely loved everything about the first, food, drinks, beach, weather, water, on and on and on. We didn't do as many activities last time, but we'll load up on the Hobie Cat, do the cat cruise again, snorkle this time, oh did I mention a few drinks? We ran on the beach, we'll do more hot tubing this time and likely decide very little ahead of time...we'll do more volleyball and have a few drinks, ha ha. The pool bar is a, I can't wait!

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    Hi Bob And Nancy yes have been to couples hotels a few times now and negril is the best for us , apart from the small au natural area , Love the Au natural area in san souci , and have stopped at tower isle , but in our hearts negril is number 1 , we are in negril next month as well for 14 nights from november 12th , just the long direct flight about 10 hours non stop from london gatwick , looking forward to meet you next year roger and annette x also we are from bicester in oxfordshire England , food , staff , beaches fab hotel , this is why we keep on going back to negril and some of the fab people you meet up with each time

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    Besides the 3 times to CN, we have been to CTI 3 times, and to a non-Couples resort 1 time during the CTI renovation closing. We have also visited CSS 2 times and CSA once. Like Bob, we don't plan too much stuff ahead of time. We almost always go on the cat cruise at least once and have also done snorkeling and golfing in the past, but we usually spend most of the time at the beach on the AN side and, like Bob again, enjoy just a few drinks. Plus, we'll have to do a little something special for St. Patrick's Day!

    Roger and Annette, we went to CN last year at the end of November/beginning of December and had fabulous weather out there. We had only one day of excessive wind, and it rained only one time, around dinner time. I hope you have a great trip.

    Have you all signed up for the repeaters program yet? If not, check it out on the Couples website. It's well worth it.

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    We're going to be at CN March 2-12 and are counting the days already. We've been to CTI twice but this will be the first time in Negril. We really liked CTI but decided to try something a little bit different. We're golfers (not very good but we have fun)so if there are any other golfers out there who are going to be there at the same time let us know. Considering some of the excursions so if anyone has any suggestions let us know.

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    We will be at CN from March 14-21. First time and landing in Jamaica on my 50th birthday. First time in Negril, but I think we will be back. Not going to do much except beach and perhaps catamaran. This is the first time I have booked this far in advance and I love this message board. I have learned so much from it. 4 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 19 hours, 30 minutes and 50, 49, 48, 47 seconds.

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    This is soooo great! We are looking forward to meeting all of you. Dinana, mind if we use your count down? I just know we'll be there by then! This is shaping up to be a fun group it sounds like...we absolutely don't plan anything in concrete...except Lobster night and the cat cruise! Let me check that count down again...

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    Default Is It March Yet ????

    Can't wait to get our toes in the sand. It's going to be a long winter and we are already for it to be gone... We can't wait to see our friends again and to meet some new. We will be at Couples Negril for the 3rd time March 10th-18th...Our count down is on !!!!Name:  JAMAICA!!! 289.jpg
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    Hello to carol&ed, Dinana, and vincencrystal!

    carol&ed, we will be arriving on the 12th so unfortunately we may only have the chance ot meet you in passing. Otherwise, I would have loved to play a round of golf with you. Definitely sign up for the catamaran cruise at least once.

    Dinana, Canada is close to my heart as I was born in Saskatoon and have visited Winnipeg a few times as well. Congrats on your 50th! It looks like now I'll have to do some birthday shopping before our trip. By the way, for our calendar, who will be accompanying you on your trip?

    vincencrystal, my toes are already frozen her in Minnesota so March cannot come quick enough! We look forward to meeting you.

    By the way, I have put together the attached calendar for people I currently know are going. It helps to see who will be there at the same time as you. Hopefully there will be more ot add as we get closer.

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    Great chart! Just put a glass next mine, ha ha. Can not wait....even though SC weather is great this time of the year. Fist really cold snap and we're gonna get the beach loungers in the living room to practice, buy some Red Stripe, and play some Buffett music!

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    jamaican junkie, thanks for the spreadsheet. It makes it easier to keep track of when everyone is going to be there. I got to play golf this past weekend but not sure how many more times we'll be able to get out this year. We live in southern Michigan so you never know what the weather is going to be like this time of the year.
    Just found out a couple of weeks ago that a friend is going to be at CN in January so we'll be able to get the latest news from her. We've been to CTI twice but this is the first time for CN.

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    Carol & Ed, we were just up in the U.P. near Crystal Falls for a few days earlier this week. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast for a little getaway trip. The daytime weather was still decent (50's) but boy, it sure cools down fast once the sun sets! When were you at CTI? We have been there three times (March '05, '07, '10). We alternate between CTI and CN. If you have any questions about CN, you can also email me at

    Roger & Annette, I was at a drinking establishment a couple nights ago and came across a Hobgoblin Ale, which is brewed at Wychwood Brewery in your town of Oxfordshire, so I had a beer or two in your honor. Ok it was more than two but who's counting?

    kiddo, Couples is not just a vacation, but a frame of mind, so we also find ways to enjoy Couples year-round no matter what the weather brings us...

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    Jamaican Junkie, we were at CTI the same time you were in March '10 also there in 2006. I should have looked at your picture a little bit closer and I would have realized we met you before. We were part of the island group and also the hot tub group our last night. Sorry we're not going to see you this time.


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    Hey all - My husband John and I (Jill) will be there from the 18 tell the 28. We have already started the count down. Can not wait for fun in the sun. This will be our third time at CN and can not wait. Look forward to seeing you all.

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    Default Count Down

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    Slightly over excited.

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    Dave, I don't need to see that picture! OMG, Nance and I haven't seen that since Colorado days and don't want to unless we are skiing. Love that Count Down Dinana!
    Vincencrystal and Carol&Ed, where are you from? Shaping up to be a blast.

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    Can't wait to meet all of you "March Maniacs"...Kiddo, we are from the deep old southern state of Alabama. We are sooooo ready for this trip, I am already packing !!!! My husband tells me I'm not right........LOL. Just a little excited !!!

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    We are coming from Dublin from 10th - 20th March. Can't wait as it will be our first time at an all inclusive, first time in Jamaica and first time at a resort with a nude beach (although we have been on one of those and loved it).

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    Welcome jillmohn and pavovsky. Jill, even though our vacations will only overlap a couple of days, we look forward to meeting you. Pavovosky, You will be there during our entire vacation, so I'm sure we'll run into you on the AN beach. Well, hopefully not literally! What's the temperature in Dublin this time of year?

    Carol, your names sound familiar but I can't place the faces. Can you attach a picture? If you were on the island, I'm sure that I'd recognize your .........faces. Which hot tub group were you referring to? Did it involve togas?

    kiddo, are you referring to all that glorious white stuff? There's nothing better than a white Christmas! Followed by 2 months of excruciating cold temperatures, dressing like eskimos, snow shoveling, and the sniffles. Tell you what....I'll bring you some dehydrated MN snow so you can see what you are missing.

    By the way...I have attached an updated calendar.

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    Hi JJ,

    I am sure we will see you on the A/N beach, though we have best intentions of trying loads of activities also.

    Weather in Dublin is mixed..grey today, sunny yesterday and 2 weeks ago we had more rain in 1 day than we usually have in a full month.

    It is nice to look forward to holidays particularly in Jan and Feb when we don't have Christmas.

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    Less than 4 months!! We booked right after our return last March, so it has been agony counting down...but it is really gonna be here soon! Almost did a "practice beach" thing last night but never got the Red Stripe and the Red Flag ready...but soon.
    Dave is dehydrated snow like white sand? Send me a bunch if so...the spread sheet looks great! Thanks for taking the time to do that. Speaking of "running into you" at the AN, remind me to tell you our story from last year, our first...OMG funny and embarrassing...everyone was laughing at and with me.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

    B and N

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    No white stuff here yet, but the highs this week will be in the 30's and low 40's. It won't be long before we get that first snowfall. Pavovsky, you are right...I enjoy the winter through December, but January and February do get pretty rough without something to look forward to. We didn't go anywhere warm last March and the winter seemed to last forever!

    Kiddo, dehydrated snow is nothing like white sand. When you add water it becomes the anti-white sand...c-c-c-cooooold!

    Has everyone booked the resort and flights already? I have only booked the resort so far. Last week our flights had dropped to $379 per ticket, which is pretty good. I was going to book the flight, but then checked today and the price jumped up to $526 per ticket just like that! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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