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    My boyfriend and I are taking our first real vacation that does not include visiting family or friends and will be staying at CNA in Nov. We are very excited but I am a little worried about the Scuba diving. Chris normally never goes in the water and says he can swim but is not that strong. He wants to try the snorkeling and scuba diving while we are there. We are not going to get certified but still want to try it out. What do we need to know or do in order to do this trip... I read somewhere that we would have to be able to swim 8 laps in the pool? I'm not sure if I am in shape enough to do this now myself lol.. Could you please help so that we can prepare.

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    In order to do the free scuba dive, you DO need to swim 8 laps any style and you can take as long as you'd like, but can't stop. If you have any physical issues, this may preclude you from doing the dive - they have a form you need to complete.

    A great alternative is snorkeling....even if you're not a strong swimmer, you can go snorkeling, as they offer life vests so all you need to do is float and paddle while you're watching the fish swim by. And you can go out 2-3 times/day!

    Scuba diving is really really fun, and I'd definitely recommend it, but snorkeling is great too!!

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    Definitely start by trying snorkeling. See if you both like the idea of having your head underwater and breathing through a snorkel. Then you can think about signing up for the scuba resort dive. The pool at CSA is small, and you should be able to swim the 8 lengths of the pool. If at anytime during the training you feel uncomfortable, just stop. No problem, mon.

    I will say that if you at the least bit claustrophobic, scuba is very challenging.

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    At CSS they make you swim 2 laps in the main pool (up,back,up,back) to do the resort course dive. I would advise to ask at watersports what the swim test involves when you arrive, then practice to make sure you can do it before you sign up. It wouldn't be any fun to sign up, do the video training and written test, only to be unable to pass the swim test requirement.

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    I would say, try the snorkeling first. You don't have to know how to swim at all, inorder to snorkel. They can give you a flotation device if you need it, but if you lay still, you won't sink. Get comfortable with that, then talk with the guys at the dive hut. Get comfortable with them, they are all great guys, and go from there. You really don't have to prepare at all for the intro. dive. Some skills in the pool, and some class work so you know the basics. Prepare for a great vacation and let the diving just play out. Remember, everone that dives, they all had their first dive, and felt the way you do now. Gotta love Swept Away.

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    If you are not certified, you can take a 2 hour class in the basics (for free) and then do 1 dive on the reef. If you want to dive again, you must take the certification course.

    I personally do not like resort courses as there is too much to learn and you need the time to build your self
    confidence and absorb the knowledge.

    You do not have to be be a strong swimmer to be a diver. But again, you need the confidence while in the water to
    know you can handle things.

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    Chris, don't worry about the 8 laps in the pool. The most important thing about Scuba is relaxing and being comfortable in the water. Fitness level is secondary. Snorkelling will actually take more fitness since you will likely need to swim further. If you want to prepare, get in touch with a local dive shop who can likely get you set up with some lessons. You won't be certified but they may be able to get you comfortable in the water/pool.


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    Snorkling takes much more effort than diving, and you are much more affected by wind, current, etc.
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    Thanks everyone! 303 days and counting lol

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