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    My wife and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. We are interested in an all inclusive resort to celebrate. It will be our first time to an all inclusive.

    We are looking for a relaxing place to go that will also keep us busy with fun activities. I love to scuba dive, she likes to relax on the beach or the spa. We are also looking for a resort that has an nude area that we can go too once in a while.

    Looking at all the inclusivea out there, which Couplea resort would fit what we are looking for and why is it better than like a Sandels resort? A lot of our friends recommend Sandels.


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    Any Couples resort would be a great place to celebrate your anniversary but we find that CTI has lots of activities and more included excursions, etc. CTI also has the island which is a special place for AN - a private island in the caribbean where you can enjoy nude bathing, what more could you ask? The scuba diving is included and the spa at CTI was voted best in the caribbean last year, the beach is private - no peddlars, so if you like to 'barter on the beach', then the Negril resorts are for you. If you play tennis, then all the resorts include free tennis clinics and lessons with the resident (and sometimes visiting) tennis pros, all as part of your all inclusive.

    One thing you will not experience at any Couples resort is a 'class division' between guests as is the case in some other resorts. By that I mean that at the S Resorts it depends on how much you pay which restaurants you can use, which facilities are included, etc. At Couples all guests are treated exactly the same and every guest can reserve any restaurant and the inclusions are for every guest, not just for the favoured few who paid more!!

    If you choose a Couples resort you will not go wrong and will have a wonderful 10 year celebration to remember. Congratulations and may you enjoy many more years together.

    Mad about tennis

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    Welcome to the Couples' Family!

    Have never been to S but love Couples Resorts since 1980. Have been many places in between 1980 and 2004 (our return after children and college expenses) and I can not imagine any other resort that can compare. Been to all 4 resorts and all unique. Need to check them out on the website. Three of the 4 has a all natural setting. We prefer CTI where we spent our honeymoon in 1980 (island au natural), CSS 2nd (au natural on a private beach w/large pool) and then CN 3rd (also au natural on beach w/no pool but hot tube). CTI offers the most included activities.

    Please check the website - the Message Board and sign up for the Romance program (perks for each return trip). They have the best staff & management, food, drinks and we can go on and on.

    Paul and Debbie
    Just returned 1/20/12
    Returning to CTI 9/6-18/2012 - home away from home

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