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    Default CSA - Check in time?

    Hello all,

    Does anyone know the earliest we can check in at CSA?


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    If your room is ready when you get there they will take you to it no
    Matter the time, if not you can use all the resort has to offer and come back later. We left our bags in the lobby but took our small carry on with us as it had our money,passport,and laptop.
    Dont forget to pack swim suit where you can get to it.

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    it all depends if the room is ready.....come ready with swim suit on and enjoy the beach. When your room is ready your luggage will be delivered.

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    The official check in time is 3:00pm. If you get there before your room is ready I suggest you go over to the spa and ask for a locker. They will give you a key so you can lock up your valuables and carry on luggage. Pack a bathing suit, cover up and some sandals in your carry on and change into them at the spa. Hit the beach and relax until your room is ready.
    It's all good.

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    Default thanks!

    thanks for all of your feedback! we're gonna be honeymooning in june at CSA and can't wait! since we're flying from los angeles, we have to do a connecting flight at an east coast city (nyc, charlotte, atl) to get to montego bay. we might be getting to CSA as early as noon and we didn't wanna just sit around.

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