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    Default Is Tim Air the way to go?

    So, I just booked our honeymoon to CSA!!! So excited. I booked Tim Air to get there sooner and avoid a long ride. I have to admit, I am terrified of a small plane. Does anyone have any words of encouragement, and is the money worth it? Are there any safety issues with the bus ride if we choose to go that route for departure?

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance!!!

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    In 2010 we hired a Limo service. We ordered a white stretch limo with Red Stripe and Champagne. The ride was very enjoyable, sipping beverages. Our driver Dwight stopped for us to make a 'pit stop' along the way. On the day we were leaving, he was prompt and on time. We arrived at the airport before the crowd, and was even able to upgrade to first class on the trip home.
    We are arriving again at the end of this month, on the 30th, and we have Dwight booked again.
    I am not much of a flyer in small planes, and arriving in 15 minutes doesn't really matter to me. I like to keep my feet on the ground. Also, I worry about the flying weather (too windy, rain). Just don't want to take the chance. But I know a lot of people do and they have good experiences.
    Good luck with whatever you decide. CSA is fabulous !

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    We have flown TimAir roundtrip from MoBay to Negril the past two years. For our upcoming trip in 2 weeks, we are only going to take TimAir one-way, for our return trip to MoBay from Negril. Quite frankly, I'd take TimAir roundtrip, but Bob likes the bus ride and the chance to see the countryside. We also found that on our two flights from MoBay to Negril we did not save any time at all. The first time, our plane had a mechanical issue that they had to resolve. And the second time, even though we had a reservation, they took two couples ahead of us for whatever reason, and again we had to wait at MoBay for over 1/2 hour. We definitely enjoy, though, the extra 2 hours at the resort on the day of departure that TimAir allows us to have.

    If you are squeamish about small planes this could be a problem. The planes are tiny - Bob frequently rides in the co-pilot seat, while I sit in the back with our luggage. It's also hysterical when Curtis the pilot closes his door as we are taxiing down the runway. It's very different than taking a large plane. But TimAir has an outstanding safety record and Curtis is a very experienced pilot. Also, ignore what appears to be duct tape on the wings of the plane. There is such a thing as aviation tape.

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    I concur on doing it one way, on the way back to Montego. We did this a 2 years ago. Was very easy to set up, Tim Air had us on our way in no time once we checked in at the Negril Aerodome. The flight was easy, and never felt unsafe or awkward. The scenery is great also. Book it!

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    We love the plane ride and look at it as a sightseeing adventure. It is such a beautiful ride. I too like to keep my feet on the ground, but what the heck, were on vacation!!! I would try it at least one way!!!

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    "Also, ignore what appears to be duct tape on the wings of the plane. There is such a thing as aviation tape".

    LOL! Well, she mentioned that she was terified of small planes, that outta do it for her!

    On our trips to CN & CSA, we have always taken the bus from Mobay to the resort and flew back. The drive gives you a good feel for the island and we really enjoy the experience. Flying back is a great way to see the island and we love the flight and highly recommend it. We've flown TimAir with Curtis and International AirLink. Both are very professional, safe and I didn't notice any tape on the wings. It may have been there....I just didn't notice.
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    Our last trip to CN, we used Tim Air and we will continue to use them. I just include it as part of my budget for the trip. Scott says that he prefers to fly in the small plane as opposed to the huge jumbo jets. He is very frightened by heights and he fells secure in Tim Air.
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    if you are new to the island i would suggest the bus to the resort and tim air on the way back if you dont mind small planes........You dont save much time getting to the resort by plane if at all. The planes are small and i have seen the little white bag used frequently by other passengers. Luckily the windows do open, if that give you a better idea on the plane size! when the roads were still under quite a bit construction, we used tim air quite frequently but now we just use the bus.

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