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    Hi All,

    Just returned from CSS and loved it! We are trying to book a return trip. Having been there, we now have a really good idea what we want but need a little help from you CSS veterans. We booked previously and plan to rebook the one bedroom ocean suite. We are wondering if any of the rooms in F or G have the large bathroom (like in D block) and also the double lounger on the balcony?

    Does anyone know?

    Thanks Much!

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    Hi scorpiogal

    Great to hear that you loved CSS and are planning a return trip - welcome to the Couples family but be warned, you are in danger of becoming a Couples addict and there is no cure. All of us on this board are addicts and once you've visited a Couples Resort there really is nowhere else to compare.

    In answer to your query, the rooms in G Block do have large bathrooms with double vanity units and walk-in showers, together with extremely large balconies which have both a double lounger and a table and two chairs- not sure about rooms in F Block as we have never stayed in them, only G Block.

    One Love!

    Mad about tennis

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    Many of the one bedroom ocean suites in G block (but not all of them), have the large bathroom. Some have a double lounger, some have 2 single loungers, and all have a wonderful view! Here's a link to pictures from our trip to CSS last April when we were in G 8. There are a few shots of the room, the balcony, and views from the balcony. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail us at

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    Karen....we're noobies, haven't been yet but looking at Oct2012....thanks so much for posting the gorgeous photos! We think CSS is the place for us too...we like TI but the island looks so small and we like the idea of being able to walk to the nude beach and not having to rely on a boat trip. Have you ever stayed in a Verandah room? We thought those looked nice too. Also, do they let you request a bldg and if so, is there a sequnce of best to no so best? Tks, Jon

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    Jon - On our last trip we stayed in an ocean verandah, G 15A, at the very top of the resort. It was a great room, with a very private, large balcony. It had a smaller bathroom than the one we had in G 8, but still had a walk in shower. Our favourite is still the one bedroom ocean, but they were unavailable when we booked this last trip. We think that G block is the best location for rooms, because of the great views!

    You can't request a building in advance, but when you are checking in, if you don't like the room or building you are in, the front desk staff will do everything they can to get you into a room that suits you within your category. The front desk staff at CSS are all wonderful!!

    Here's a few pictures from our last trip when we were in G 15A. I don't think there's any shots of the room itself, but there are some of the balcony. (The first few are from E 7, where we stayed the first night until we moved up to G 15A the next day).

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    We had F6 and loved it ,top corner had great views of everywhere, smaller bathroom but big storage closet and since we were there for two weeks with golf and scuba stuff, it was a great plus. Had the big double lounger.
    Friends were in G8, great room, loved the foliage and peek of the ocean, but for the time I spend in the bathroom VS on the balcony, I would take F6 anyday!

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