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Thread: Birthday cake?

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    Default Birthday cake?

    Anyone know how I can order a Birthday cake for my wife?

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    Yes you can. After you get there, check with some of the wait staff in the main dineing room and they will direct you to the right person. Try and give them at least a days notice.

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    Just ask when you arrive. I have had a birthday cake done for my husband each year because we always go during his birthday. They are always very accomodating. We had a cake delivered in CN at dinner - the servers sang, it was great! At CTI they delivered a cake during the repeaters dinner! I attached a couple of pics.

    Ask and you shall receive!

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    When you check-in mention it to the staff...they will not disappoint!

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    I am in for this also. My brother in laws birthday is our last night at CN. Thank you

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    Name:  CSA 12-9;12-12 134.jpg
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Size:  41.7 KBsend a note to conciere, request what you want etc and they will forward you the info for payment. I had one ordered for my husband for his birthday this past December and it was delicous! Cost was $30 but well worth his surprise!

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    We are always at CTI for my hubby's birthday and while I haven't ordered a cake, the staff has always done something special for his birthday. I am sure if you let them know, they will do something special for your wife.

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    Once you arrive you can order a cake for the place you are dining the night of her birthday. I have done it a few times. They will write her name on it and bring it out for dessert.

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    We are going to need one too..the couple we are travelling with he is turning the big "40"

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    Yes.. We are at CN right now; and they did one for my Husband on Sunday... Just talk to the staff and they will set it up for you..

    Ashley & Terry

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    This is an awesome thread! I am going to do this for my husband on St. Patricks Day!! It will be his 46th birthday!!!

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    How much are the cakes? Is there a price list to choose from?

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    I believe they are complimentary. The one we had was just a small 7 or 8 inch round with the name written on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grayturtless View Post
    How much are the cakes? Is there a price list to choose from?
    THey charged me $30.00, but I think that is the standard price.

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