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    My cousins are coming to get married at couples Negril August 4twh 2012... I have booked a weekend stay to participate...However, my question is..I have heard Jamaica is not gay friendly and my partner and I want to ensure our stay will be safe and enjoyable...We are spending alot of money to come visit this resort, but our concern is to be safe and have fun...

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    Hope the others on here put your fears to rest,so you and your partner go and have a wonderful time. Now sign up for the romance rewards its on the bottem of the page.... I am betting you're going to want to come come back.
    Vicki from facebook ; -)

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    While you are at the resort for the wedding, you should not have a problem. Couples does not descriminate. Jamaica, as well as many other caribbean countries do not tolerate gay individuals.
    The staff at all four resorts must tolerate all guests that they meet and treat them with respect. They must tolerate guests that may be rude, guests that may have had to much to drink and become stupid, and guests that are gay. I doubt very much if any of the staff will give you any trouble while you are a guest. Hwever, if you should leave the resort for sightseeing or shopping trips in to town, I would suggest that you and your partner try not to show public displays of affection. I would also suggest that you go with a group and stay with them. If Jamaicans are going to treat you with respect, the same should be true for you to treat them with respect.
    If this was back here in the states, none of this would apply. My sister is gay and would never think about holding back PDA and just being who she is. But Jamaica is not here so some consideration is due.

    Seeing as you are only there for the week-end to attend the wedding, I'm quite sure that you will enjoy yourselves and will be safe from any harm.

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    You will be welcomed at Couples, but Jamaica is not gay friendly. As long as you keep displays of affection only at the resort you will be fine. And...why only a weekend? Spend the entire week!!! You are going to fall in love with Couples.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We saw a male couple at CN recently. From what I understand you should be okay as long as you don't have PDA. Leave everyone guessing...

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    You & your partner will be fine on the resort .... The staff & other guests will not be an issue & you will be treated like every other guest .... at least from what I've seen when there have been other same sex couples there. When you are off resort .... like if you should go into town or take a tour or something .... I wouldn't flaunt the fact that you're a couple because it is frowned upon there. You can definitely be safe & have fun at CN, though, so go with no worries.

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    I have heard that Couples is now OK with same sex couples. But apparently you have to be careful about showing singes of "romance" OUTSIDE of the resort. Hope that helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabracer View Post
    The staff at all four resorts must tolerate all guests that they meet and treat them with respect. They must tolerate guests that may be rude, guests that may have had to much to drink and become stupid, and guests that are gay ....
    Richie, Did you just equate being gay with being rude and/or drunk and stupid???

    I haven't read all of your posts (they can, after all, get a bit lengthy at times and we happen to prefer different ends of the island) but have read enough to believe yours normally are well-written, well-though-out, and never offensive. So I don't think you meant offense, but others reading it may interpret it that way, IMHO.

    angelwife2012 - agree with others posts recommendation that restrict your PDA, particularly if off resort and all should be fine,

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    Homosexuality is not "frowned on" by Jamaicans, it is illegal. You'll be fine on the resort, but be VERY sure you're careful should you leave the resort. I have gay friends who won't visit Jamaica because of this law, and I'm very sorry for this, as it's a beautiful island....But again, on resort you'll be just fine....

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    I didn't think Crabracer's post was offensive at all. I think he was just pointing out how tolerant (of everyone) the staff is required to be and was stating examples.

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    You are correct gonegril, homesexuality is illegal in Jamaica. In fact, years ago, Couples used to advertise that guests must be over 18 and heterosexual couples (at least in the UK that's how they advertised), presumably because it is illegal in Jamaica.

    However, this rule no longer applies at Couples and you will be treated no differently from any other guest but, as stated by the other posters, you should be extremely careful should you leave the resort not to show any PDAs as it is still illegal and therefore against the law in Jamaica.

    PS I didn't think Crabracer's post was offensive and understood perfectly that he was emphasing the wonderful way Couples staff treat all guests, let's not read anything out of context with the rest of his post, which was to advise that they would enjoy themselves and be safe.

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