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    Default Questions about CSS

    1) Can anyone advise how large the safes are at CSS? We are going to be bringing probably 2 laptops (typical 15-16 inch screens) along with the other usual items you'd store in a safe (ipods, camera, jewelry, etc.). Is there going to be an issue fitting it all in the safe?

    2) We would like to make sure we get everything in. Can you make reservations for the restaurants before you arrive? What about reservations for the spa?

    3) The one thing that I'd rather buy there than bring with me is watershoes. I've read elsewhere that they sell them at the on-site store (though didn't see them at their online store). Are they ideal for the beaches and the sea? How much is it to purchase them there?

    4) My favourite breakfast EVER is smoked salmon on bagels. Do any of the restaurants or, God willing, room service, serve that?

    5) We filled out the check-in online. We are just curious what brands of liqour they will give you in the room? Will they provide Grey Goose in the room or is it only available from the bars?

    9 days and counting, excitement is at a fever pitch!

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    The in room safes are good size. Don't think you can get all that stuff in there.
    Jewelry, cameras, money ect. no problem. We bring a lop top but don't use safe.
    We just put it in a drawer with clothes on top, never had a problem. Lucky maybe, but
    we have been going to CSS for 7 years and never had anything tampered with or stolen.
    As far as smoke salmon, you have it every morning on the buffet. All the fixings with it.
    Even the breakfast tray for room service has it. You will get your fill of salmon. The resevation for dinner are made when you get there. No need to worry about it either. Never a problem.
    They have at least 3 -4 sittings a night. When you arrive and check in, go to Guest Service
    desk and make your reservations. The spa reservations can now be made online before. But suggest
    you wait till you get there and get a feel for the place and what you want to do. Don't want to commit to an appointment with maybe some other activity you like better. Again, never a problem getting a spa reservation. Just go and enjoy.

    "Once you know"
    Steve & Victoria

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    Forgot the other questions. Water shoes are cheaper in the States. You don't need them for the beach.
    Just if you are going to Dunn's River Falls. The liqour in the rooms is usually bar brand. I have been able to get call brand in the room a few times. Depends on who you talk to. You can get champagne and wine in the room. Both good. Usually you have your fill of drinks by the time you get back to your room. You can always bring drinks back to your room from any of the bars. Enjoy.
    "Once you know"
    Stee & Victoria

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    I second the safe-size question..

    And am almost to the double digit dance! (highly jealous of your single digits)

    Have a great time!!

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    We just got back from CSS on Jan. 5th. I'll try to answer all that I can.

    1. My husband brought his netbook, and I had my Kindle Fire. Both fit in the safe--along with my jewelry, our passports, wallets and other valuables. We could not fit our camera in the safe with all the other items. We stayed in C-8 tha Pavarotti Penthouse Suite.

    2. You can not make reservations for dinner before you arrive because they use your room number to book the reservation. What hubby and I do is while I am checking us in the first day, he is arranging our reservations with Guest Services.

    3. While we were shopping at the Gift Shop, many folks were buying water shoes. You can find them downstairs. I'm not sure as to price.

    4. Breakfast is served in Palazzina and they have salmon, bagels, capers, and onions everyday--one of my favorites too!!!

    5. I too am a vodka drinker--I remember we had Kirov vodka in our suite, but could Grey Goose at the bars--Balloon Bar and Beach Bar.

    Have a wonderful vacation!!!!

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    Safe should fit a small netbook or ipad, but not a laptop. Kindle fit in there fine.
    Make dinner reservations as soon as you get there, but don't panic about it.
    I'd bring the watershoes - they don't take that much space. You don't need them for the main beach, for the most part. The water at SSB is more rocky and may have an occasional coral or urchin to stub your toe on, so we wear water shoes or tevas over there.
    Lots of salmon - didn't know you could order it room service - thanks for that advice SQ

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    Our 13 1/2 inch laptop fit in the safe fine, but I think a 16 or 17 inch would be too large.

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