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    Default CTI is there an intro to diving?

    Were new to couples and will be at CTI for our first time Jan 20th to 27th my husband would love to learn to
    dive!! are there classes and do they have a cert. class? Anyother tips would be great also!!

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    Yes, and yes! Keep in mind you cannot fly within 48 hrs. of diving, so plan for the class and dive trips early in your visit. The certification is cheaper than in the states.

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    They do have a beginners course for scuba diving and it is part of the resort amenities. They will be more than happy to certify you guys as well - but there is a fee for that. Be prepared to have to swim four laps in the big pool without touching the bottom and no swimming on your back. My husband and I have done this course both times we were at CTI and the swim kills me every time. Luckily the swim test is the hardest part about scuba diving. It is a must do and is absolutely amazing to swim with the fish once you can convince your brain it is possible to breathe under water. Have fun and make sure you sign up as quick as possible which can only be done at the dive shop - it fills up quickly and there are restrictions of when you can dive based on when you are flying.

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    As an FYI, it is way cheaper to get certified at Couples than pretty much anywhere in the US. Try the Intro class the first day that you can. That way, if you like it, you will still have time to get certified. Enjoy! Scuba Diving is a life-changing experience!

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    Thanks so much for the info, We get in on the 20th and I can't wait already starting to pack!! Going to sign up will be one of our frist stops! Again Thanks Anyother must do's?

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