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Thread: How many songs?

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    Default How many songs?

    ok....we are down to 30 days before we arrive in Jamaica!!! Trying to iron out all the small details so here is another question: If we are choosing our own music for the wedding, about how many songs do we need to have?

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    Good Question! I know that I saw about 3 songs somewhere, but was thinking I will need more so that music can played during the cake / champagne reception.

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. About 3 songs; procession, before or after vows and recession with maybe a 4th for your first dance. They usually also have music there to choose from.

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    We got married at CSS last May and we had 5 songs. One for precession, one that they played after the vows and during the recession and then one that they played while we cut and ate our cake, the last one they played for us to dance to. After the ceremony they just kind of let them cycle while you did the signing, cate, dance, etc.

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