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    Default March CSS anyone????

    This will be our first trip to CSS. We've had 3 previous trips to CN where it was easy to keep to ourselves on the AN beach. I'm looking forward to socializing and meeting new friends (and convincing my hubby he can have a conversation with someone else while naked.) Also love the idea of hearing the waterfall while lying out.

    Who else will be there in March???? I need folks to buy Matt a Bob Marley shot (or two)...which is what it takes for him to go AN.

    We're there 2-9 March.

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    March 22-29th for us. My husband was nervous at first as well,but fit in after about ten minutes. When we were there in the summer, everyone covered up in a towel and ate lunch together. That really helped us start the socializing and then after lunch, just jump in the pool.

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    shhhhhucks, march 27 till april 4

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    Wife is still up in the air about AN.

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    Hi MNK,

    We'll be there from Feb 25-Mar 4 so tell Matt I'll be glad to meet him on the 2nd for a couple of Bob Marley's. This will be our second trip to SSB and I guarantee you will find the friendliest people in the world there. Can't wait to hang out at the pool and play some Jamaican trivia.

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    We will be there Feb 25 - March 3rd. Hope to see everyone at SSB!

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    Tammy and Chris...feb 29th to march 6th...everything will be new for us as well....7 weeks from today...CANT WAIT!!!!

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    Darlene & I will be there from Mar 5th – 19th. This will be our second trip to CSS/SSB and couldn’t see ourselves going anywhere else! Our last trip ( March 2011) we made some great friends and enjoyed a fantastic atmosphere with the resort guests and staff alike on SSB! AN is the only way to go, no pretence! Only you naturally!

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    We will be at CTI from Feb 29th-Mar4th. Then CSS from the 4th - 8th. It will be our 8th trip to couples. There will be four of us. Can't wait We will hook Matt up with a Bob Marley.

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    Bryon and I will be back to CSS for a 3rd time Feb. 29 to March 10, we looked at other resorts but always compared them to CSS. Always nervous to go to SSB that first day but know that the whole experience is so worth it. So Netbob I hope your wife decides to give SSB a try, just don't wait till the end of your trip to try it

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    Gill & Tony will be on SSB beach from 8th to 17th March. Second trip to CSS, this time to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.we were there 5 years ago to celebrate our 25th. We are from Wales & can't wait to get that Jamaican sun all over!

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    will be there March 25 through 30, repeat visit. Was there last year in March and had great time on the island. We spent most of the time in the pool with the crowd ...drinking and talking....awesome time with great people

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    We're gonna be there March 3rd to the 10th. We've been to Negril and loved it but, we didn't really like the gawkers. We're looking forward to the nude pool. Tell Matt to relax and enjoy. No one cares about looks or whatever. I don't really like the shrinkage but, it's all good.


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    Hi everyone!!!

    3 weeks from today! Considering the high today was 6degrees it cant come quick enough......i have been reading a lot of the posts and it sounds like there is goin to be a really large group of us there at the same time. One group i believe has 8 couples!! We are really looking forward to meeting everyone and making new friends. I know there has been some concern as to a large group like that "partying" it up. I for one am sure that they are a friendly crowd and the more the merrier. Actually in thinking about it it might make things easier on us to feel like we are just blending in with everyone if there are lots of people on the an side. This will be our first experience trying it. We are a little gunshy (of course) but with all kinds of veterans around i think we will be comfortable very quickly.

    I know there is a group of us meeting for drinks at 7:00 fri night the 2nd before the gala. We will be looking for the blinking cocktail glasses! Chris and i are in our late 30's early 40's and are from just about as in the middle of the states as you can be....underwood, ia. ( is really close to omaha, ne)

    looking forward to meeting everyone and lifting our glasses to life and being fortunate enough to be able to have this experience.

    We are arriving on the 29th of feb...i think our flight lands at roughly 1:30pm in montego bay. Is there anyone else goin to be there at the same time?? We be nice to meet people and chat on the ride to the resort.

    See you on the beach!

    Tammy & chris

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    hey you two, steve and leslie here this will be our first couple resort and looking forward to it. we have gone to resorts where AN is everywhere and its fun. we will be there march 1-8 not long enough but we hope we meet some fun couples.

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    Hi, Gill & Tony: DH will be there March 10-20 and hope to spend some time at SSB. I'm of Welsh heritage but don't know too much about it, so I'm looking forward to meeting you two. This is our 5th trip to Couples and 2nd to CSS.

    And Irish heritage--hope they'll have some green beer for the 17th--even though you're leaving that day maybe you can do a green toast at breakfast.

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    Gwennie & Mark,

    Looking forward to seeing you on SSB. At least we'll have 2 days ahead of you to try & turn our British bodies from very pale to the start of a tan (but we envy your longer stay after we have left!).

    Any idea what part of Wales the family may have come from (its not that big for a country and would be lost in most Amercian states). If you know, I'll do some research and give you some background on the history of the area.

    We hear guinness & champagne makes a good breakfast drink so you can send us off in style on the 17th!!

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    Hi Tammy and Chris,

    My husband and I arrive from Alberta to Montego Bay at 1:45PM on Feb. 29th, not sure how often the bus leaves to take people to the resorts but we may get to meet up with you there for a red stripe!

    Iris & Bryon

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    Add room for a couple more on SSB from 3/3 to 3/10. This will be our first trip to a Couples resort, but we are both anxious to enjoy a week in the Jamaican sun. We are scheduled to arrive at Montego Bay at 12:40 PM on March 3rd. Hope to meet some new friends on the next shuttle to CSS.

    Fred and Jenny

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    Thats great! I think we will be on the same shuttle then!! We are so excited to go. Weather here sucks so am dreaming bout the beach!! see you soon

    Tammy & Chris

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    We will be at CSS from March 16th to 23rd

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    Hi Gill and Tony, Mike and I arrive March 10th until March 17th. We are a couple of Brits who moved to the States 15 years ago. This is our first stay at CSS, but have done the trading days a few times when staying at CTI. We celebrated our 30th at CTI last year. Look forward to meeting you and whoever else is there at this time!!!

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    Hi, Gil & Tony--

    Wow, thanks so much! I thought perhaps I'd just learn how to order a cocktail in Welsh---My Mom says that both sides of the family come from the southern part, Merthyr Tydfil and Carmarthen .

    I can already tell this will be difficult after the aforementioned cocktail.....

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    Hi Grayturtles,

    We will be at SSB March 22 - 31. This will be our 4th re-visit. Can't wait! See you at the pool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by E2AV8tor View Post
    Hi Grayturtles,

    We will be at SSB March 22 - 31. This will be our 4th re-visit. Can't wait! See you at the pool!
    This will be our second visit. Lucky you, staying 9 days. Now I am really counting the days down. See you at the pool.
    Paul and Frances

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