My husband and I got married at CTI in November 2011 and spent our honeymoon there as well. We had a phenomenal time and both said when we left that we would love to go back (for longer!) and to visit all the other Couples Resorts too. From time to time over the past year I have surfed the Couples website looking at photos, reading the message board, looking at all the different resorts and hoping we could get back soon. However, I knew having the money to go back would be a stretch.

This month my husband had emergency surgery to remove a large amount of fluid that had built up in the sac around his heart due to a virus. The surgeon told us that had we waited another half a day to come in that he wouldn't have made it. He is now home and slowly on his way to a 100% recovery. Needless to say this event has given both of us a new perspective on life and what is important. Having him home at Christmas was the best present ever.

Today I opened up a savings account to being savings for our return trip to Couples. When we have enough we will decide which resort we want to visit. It's funny, how just having $200 set aside to come back makes me feel a little lighter and a lot happier.

Tell the people you love that you love them. Say it often. Mean it. Prove it.

(CTI 2011)