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    Default Beach volleyball at CSA

    Just curious if there is beach volleyball played during the day? When we were at CN last year we played everyday. Not that it is a big deal, but it is a good way to sober up and pretend you are exercising!

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    I sure hope so. We will be there in 23 days and love to play beach volleyball.

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    Absolutely, I've seen many games.

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    We usually play most mornings and some afternoons. The entertainment staff will post the game times. It does get hot in the afternoons though.

    Life is good

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    When we were there in January, there seemed to be a game almost every afternoon. The net was set up near the swim up bar. One day, after a big storm, the play area was completely covered in water. But the water did recede by the next day, and the volleyball games continued.

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    Good! Be there 1-7-12 til 1-14-12!! Already packing!

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