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    Default michigan

    we are from the west bloomfield area, going feb 12th to the 21st.

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    We are from Kalamazoo as well, heading to CSA for our fourth visit this December.

    Hey jenandmikeb: We live in Oshtemo, where are you guys?

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    Diane & Mike

    Previous post has my work e-mail. If replying over the weekend please send to home at davisj at cni-usa. com.

    You do live close to may Dad - he's on the corner of Sherman and Lyman.


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    Default Royal Oak

    One of the things that I miss most about Royal Oak is Holiday Market. I loved that store. I still hear from Chef Dave every once in awhile, and he was nice enough to send me the store's recipes for some of my favorite things.

    We have nothing that even comes close in New York, which surprised me quite frankly. The Food Emporium near our house was so bad that I actually cried the first time I shopped there.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    We are from Milford. We have been to CN once and CSA 3 times. Love the beach at CSA. Have met some great people on the message board & at the resort.

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    Jean the email address you gave me got returned to me so here is my email. Hope to hear from you. Diane

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    Default Best thing about Michigan in Feb. is going to JA!

    Troy, MI checking in here. We've been to CN Feb. 04, 05 & 07. Missed 06 and last year. Hoping to get back there soon. Need my Negril fix!

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    I love Holiday Market. I'm in Bloomfield Hills now and I still drive to shop there. I actually lived 5 blocks east of Holiday. Did you grow up in RO? If so, what high school did you go to? Kimball '83 for me.

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    Sue and Elmer from Menominee, MI. Been to all of the Couples resorts. Will be at CTI and CSS 7 days each in Feb. This is our 12Th visit.

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    No I didn't grow up in Royal Oak, but Kevin and I bought our first house on North Blair in 1989. I graduated from Warren Woods in 1983.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    I rented a house on N Blair from 1989 until 1991! I can't remember the street number off the top of my head, but it was between 11 Mile and Catalpa. What a small world.

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    We lived at 212 N. Blair, which is just north of 11 Mile. We were about 10 houses or so away from the Delmar Restaurant. We had a buff cocker spaniel named Corky and a red cocker spaniel named Cubby. We walked them twice a day, and most people recognized us b/c of our dogs. Small world.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Hi Pamela,

    Correction, North of 11 and South of Gardenia. Gardenia changes into Catalpa further west. I lived closer to Gardenia. I've been to the Delmar many times while living in the area. I also bought a house on Mohawk Ave and lived there from 1994 until 2003. My husband and I now live in Bloomfield Hills.

    I miss the downtown area. I loved the farmer's market and flea market on the weekends. Superior Fish, Inn Season Cafe, Holiday Market (I still think they have the best cheese counter in the area). I don't get down there as often as I would like these days.

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    hey lou----we live right near the kalamazoo/portage line (near kilgore) so just a hop on the highway away!

    we got married at cn last dec and we are going to cti this coming dec. 5-12

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    I'm originally from Kalamazoo and Parchment, and my wife is from Battle Creek. We're in Fort Worth, TX now.

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    hey jenandmikeb:

    While you're enjoying CTI we'll be enjoying CSA. Flying out of Detroit on the 4th.

    Small world, eh?

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    my hubby and I are born and raised in Haslett, Mi

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    Hey all. I am from Midland and went to school at CMU. My mom still lives in Clare. I met my husband in Louisville Kentucky and that is where I live now. We get up to Michigan at least twice a year, but I miss it dearly. It's so cool all of you are from the greatest state in the USA!

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    We're from the Livonia area and will be at CTI in Sept!

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    Default Grand Rapids

    My husband and I are from Grand Rapids. Lived her all our lives.
    Going back to CN in December for our 3rd time.

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    It's so funny to read the posts of the people from Royal Oak. My bfriend and I also love Holiday Market - more for the wine than anything else, although I agree the cheese counter AND dessert counters are great. lifesabeach, what a small world that you lived on Mohawk. By Franklin Elementary School (it's torn down now)? My parents live 2 streets away, on Irving.

    Oak City Grille is our new favorite restaurant in RO, although I need to introduce my bfriend to the joys of Pronto's sandwiches!

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    Yowza... what a small world... We're from Livonia Michigan also!
    (Hi Christina & Brian) We've been to Jamaica 3 times and have always stayed at Couples Negril. (Hard to improve on perfection and unwilling to try!)(<grin>)

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    We live in Warren MI.

    We enjoy Couples Resorts yearly

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    from t.c mich. went to csa in april 09 and set to go in 10,great time.. pit boss and j/z

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    We are from Detroit. We just got back from CSS yesterday and we're planning to return next year around this time for our aniversary.

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