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    Default Just back from 10 days at CN

    We just got back from 10 days at CN. After our 3rd trip there, this was by far the best yet. I am not big on writing lengthy reviews that touch on a few good things, then dwell on 2 problems for three paragraphs. My wife and I did realize on this trip that the people that complain on TA or the MB, usually spend a lot of time complaining on their vacation, so we steered clear of these folks, once identified. So, if you have any questions about our experience, feel free to ask. This is a list of what we did:

    Couples Lounge at airport
    Airport Shuttle (no puddle jumpers for us)
    Deluxe Garden room in Bldg 3
    Breakfast both in room and at the buffet
    Lunch at both restaurants
    Dinner at all restaurants, including 2 lobster nights, Repeater Dinner, International Buffet, and Beach Party
    Chocolate Sunset
    Drinks at all the bars
    Sunset Bar shuttle (to Pushcart at the Rockhouse, which is the bar on the cliffs above the cat cruise stop)
    16 SCUBA dives
    Stand-up paddleboarding
    Catamaran cruise
    Internet Cafe
    Wife did the Beach Hut Massage
    Used Resort Credits
    Office of Nature (the original)
    Chukka Jungle Canopy Tour Zipline
    Met several people from the MB (most were cool, some were not)

    3 notes about others' standard complaints:

    1) Our A/C barely dripped once for about 10 mins, because we had the doors and windows opened right after a brief, but heavy rain the first night, so it was very humid. It was just excess condensation and very little at that. Our deal, not the resort's fault. If your A/C drips, its most likely user error, so try to blame yourself first.

    2) We had a little line of ants come about 6 inches into our room the first night, because I dropped a Cheeto crumb by the door that night. I threw away the Cheeto, wiped up the ants, and never saw them again on the trip. Again, USER ERROR.

    3) Regarding the road noise, every beach resort in Negril, with maybe 2 or 3 exceptions, are right on Norman Manley Blvd. We were in the closest building to the road and my wife is a SUPER light sleeper, but she never had any issues with the road. It's not a constant buzz, but maybe an occasional loud stereo or motorcycle. If you are going to complain about it, just ask for a different room, instead of letting it bother you for a week, then complaining about it later. We had no issues with it.
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